Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Was A Princess!!!

FULL weekend! And unfortunately, though lots of time was spent productively, I didn't get as much done as I had hoped.

Fun things first: Saturday was my college roomie's birthday! Jage was turning 29 and to do something fun and different she decided to celebrate royally! At Medieval Times =-) How fun is this? A lot of people roll their eyes at this place, but being my first trip there, I was BLOWN AWAY by the amount of work that goes into it all. It was so much fun! Everyone was in character, calling us "my lord" and "my lady". And then the show was SO fun! We got to cheer for our knight (GO GREEN) who ended up being the villain that night, so he got lots of attention. FUN! I had a really good time. I always have fun when I'm with my college friends. Krista and Lenora were HILARIOUS booing during the introductions. And... go ahead, you can laugh... I bought a princess hat. They were so cute and I decided it could be a fun prop for my classroom, so Brett let me buy one. Here is a pic of me with my royal hubs!

Admit it.
We're cute.

That was Saturday night. Saturday day was a different story. I did get up and walk like I had planned to. And then I got ready for an afternoon of hunting. My prey? A suit. Yupp. I needed a suit for the job fair. The HR guy was very stern on that point. Wear a suit. Um... we wear jeans where I work. So I had never bought a suit before. And it was quite a trip. All in all, I went to 5 stores and ended up with the cheapest suit that Dillard's carries. It was still kind of pricey, and not on sale like so many suits at others stores, but it was by FAR the best fit I found. Perfect length for my short legs. I still needed a dress shirt and shoes, but that had to wait until today.

This morning, Brett and I slept a little late (SO tired from our evening of yelling at men in knight costumes) so we went to the third service and then to Boston's for a tasty lunch. After lunch I took Brett home and continued with "Hunt for Interview Outfit". Today I only went to three stores and when it was all said and done I had an outfit that passed the test when my sisters came over to check it out. (Thanks Laura and Jenna!)

So... I just finished printing what I have ready so far for my portfolios. It was a lot. But I still need sample lesson plans and a few other classroom things, and letters of recommendation from a couple of people who are planning to write one for me. It's going to be a crazy week. I know my nervousness will continue to grow as the day gets nearer, but this time next week, my first job fair will be done. I REALLY want to get hired in Irving. Really. I hope it goes well.


Jennifer said...

My mother works in the Dept of Education at Texas Wesleyan University, and she deals with job fairs all the time. I'll ask her for some insider tips for standing out at these job fairs. If she has anything good I will be sure to let you know! :)

And YAY for walking!!!! That's awesome!

Kriss said...

I think you look FABULOUS!!! -kriss