Thursday, April 8, 2010

Almost Friday

Man, what a week. Parts of it flew by and parts of it REALLY dragged. Work is not great right now. I'm trying to focus on what is hopefully the near future, where I will be in a new job. I don't know why I let co-workers comments get to me. After all these years, I should know better. But I seemed to be especially sensitive this week. Menstrual maybe?


Activity was better this week. =-) I said that I would walk three times this week. I walked Monday and last night and I plan to walk Saturday morning, so that's three. I feel pretty confident saying that those three times can be regular walking days for me. I would like to build from there, but right now, a lap around this gorgeous park is quite refreshing. It feels so good to move.

On the food front, it's kind of bizarre. My days are GREAT! My new protein packed breakfast sandwich is GREATNESS! It keeps me full and energized til lunch. In fact, I'm eating lunch later than usual because I'm just not hungry yet. But our dinners are still sometimes experimental. I feel like we are planning really balanced meals that always include a vegetable, but I have still ended up going over on my points a few times this week. I have good goals in place for next week though. In addition to walking at least three times, I want to track every day and go an ENTIRE week staying within my points. That used to be effortless for me! Now, it practically seems impossible. But it will happen. Oh yes, it will.

Also, I have seriously upped my water intake. Brett and I bought a couple of $5 water bottles a few weeks ago and it has been a great tool for me! I realized at work today that it's pretty much an adult sippy cup. haha. Whatever works!

Hope everyone's week finishes well! I'll be weighing in tomorrow morning, but I'll tell you right now, I know I'm in the 240s. The numbers are being a little obnoxious lately. But I still feel like I'm making progress. So today, in this moment, it's not about the number. And I'm weighing in tomorrow so that we can all rejoice NEXT Friday when the number goes down. So there.

Peace out playas!

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Jennifer T. said...

It's Friday! Woohoo!

Love you!