Monday, March 22, 2010

Our First Anniversary =-)

Brett went to SO much trouble! First let me say, it was the perfect mix of relaxing and playing. Friday night we went to dinner just the two of us. Then we stopped at a bakery on the way home to get a cookie for dessert (he got a bagel actually, and it's still in the pantry... my cookie didn't stand a chance!) and we came home and watched Twilight to prepare for Saturday night's viewing of New Moon. What's with a movie coming out on DVD on a Saturday? Totally threw me off!

Saturday morning we slept in, which was glorious! Then he got up and made me Captain Crunch French Toast, a little something that we saw on an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and then found in the DDD cookbook. It's DELICIOUS! As a rule, we don't really keep boxes of cereal in the house. At least, not sugary cereals. It's a perfect example of a food that calls to me when I know it is there. Same reason we don't buy bags of chips, only boxes of individual portioned Baked Lays. I love me some potato chips! Yumm!

Breakfast was SOOOO good! And then we hurried around getting ready and straightening up the apartment. We had lunch plans at 1:00 and company coming afterwards. He made me sit with my eyes closed on the way to the restaurant so it would be a surprise. Totally made me car sick! Not being able to see = NOT COOL! But I didn't want to wear a blindfold so I promised not to open my eyes. I can't believe I kept that promise! But I did. He drove around for about ten minutes saying things like "country road" and "getting on the highway" and of course, when he finally let me open my eyes we were at a restaurant that is 2 minutes from our apartment. haha. Boston's Pizza Kitchen is seriously delicious, and it's where we had our engagement party, so it is special to us. Guess who was there??? My sister Jenna and her guy Chris, my brother-in-law JD and my niece Madi, my mom, Brett's mom, and... THE WILLINGHAMS!!! Woohoo! They had Spring Break last weekend and wanted to go on a little mini-vacation. Nothing that would have them stuck in a car for an entire day or shelling out majors bucks, so they decided to bring the boys to Dallas to eat at Medieval Times and see us! It just so happened to fall in line with our anniversary! It was SOOO good to see them! Of course, three out of four of them got sick while they were here. Josh woke up throwing up all over Ryan late Friday night/early Saturday morning. Then Ryan got a pretty bad tummy ache over here while he was playing video games with Josh Saturday night. And poor Marie had an earache the whole day Saturday which ended with her ear drum bursting on Saturday night. Gee. Bet they'll want to come back soon, huh?

The crazy thing is: it snowed Saturday. WHAT??? Yeah. It snowed. It started early evening and just kept falling all night. Do you know what I would have done if it had been snowing a year ago??? On our OUTDOOR WEDDING??? Totally lost it. I mean, they would have had to sedate me. And Brett would have realized he was crazy for marrying me and called the whole thing off. But we were SO blessed and had perfect weather at our wedding. Don't know what happened this weekend. Someone forgot to tell the weather man that this is Texas and it's not supposed to snow the third weekend in March.

Oh well. Made for an interesting weekend!

We played with our visiting buddies all afternoon and night on Saturday. Marie and I watched New Moon. I think she was in pain the whole time, but she was a total trooper and watched the whole thing with me, oohing over the awesome wolf effects and laughing at the less than stellar acting. It was fun! And it got Brett out of watching it! He and Chris networked their computers in the study and played a couple of games while the boys, the little ones, played the 360 in the bedroom. Good times. Then Sunday, on our actual anniversary, Brett taught Sunday School at church. He has some seriously great material written on The Armor of God. I've heard it before (I think twice) but it still moved me to tears about twenty times. It went right along with the book that I read last week and finished over the weekend, Splitting Harriet. More Christian chick lit, but this one was about a recovered addict. Interesting timing.

After church we came home and had leftovers from the night before and earlier in the week. Then we took a much needed nap! Brett had planned an elaborate dinner, but the cold that he had a few weeks ago and never completely got over started to rear it's ugly head. He was exhausted! So we went out for tortilla soup instead and ended our day with a trip to the grocery store and some anniversary snuggling.

It was a really great weekend. I almost ruined it by having a bit of a meltdown Friday morning that led to me waking up a little out of sorts on Saturday. But I realized what a monumental brat I was being pretty early in the day and promised Brett I would think happy thoughts the rest of the weekend =-)

Today was pretty okay. Food was right on plan. I'm hungry and wish I had made some tea tonight, but I am headed to bed after finishing the class that freaked out on me last Thursday. It still wasn't working tonight so I had to use another browser. But now it's done. I am going to do a class tomorrow night and one Wednesday night and then finish the last 6 this weekend. That's the plan and I'm stickin' to it!

No class Thursday because it's Dining with Divas night at Kristas. Woohoo!

Still behind on reading. Hope I get a chance to catch up this week!

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