Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Beautiful Sunday...

It's raining. A really light, lovely rain. The temperature is just right. A little cool, but not windy, so it's nice.

Brett has been sick all weekend. Last night he was miserable! He pulled a muscle in his neck after a particularly hard cough and it kept him up all night. He couldn't find a way to lay that didn't hurt, and he could only breath through one nostril... my poor baby!

So... we didn't go to church. Again. haha... Brett said last night that they're going to think we're getting a divorce! I hate when our attendance is splotchy. What can I say? We're just not particularly healthy. We have days where we just don't feel good. We would both like for that to change though.

I can't remember if I have mentioned this or not, and I'm too lazy to go back and look, so I'll mention it briefly again. ha! Last Sunday, we planned our menu for the month. I had a desk calendar that I wasn't really using for anything so we decided to designate our meal calendar. I made a list of every meal that we currently have in the rotation. Actually, I made a list of main dishes and a list of side dishes. And then we went through and wrote down dinners on every day. The purpose was two-fold. One, sometimes I feel like I make the same thing week after week. Planning the month will help me with variety. And also, I think that if we have a plan in writing when the week begins, we are a lot less likely to decide that we don't have the mental energy to "figure out" dinner and just drive thru somewhere.

That was my original purpose. But I realized today that I need to keep something else in mind when we plan for next month. I spent way more than I intended to today. Making my grocery list was super easy because I had all of our meals planned out, but this week was one of our low cash weeks because only I got paid. When I plan next month I will make sure that the weeks that we only have my income to rely on, I will keep the meals a little cheaper. I was thinking today that it wouldn't be too bad because I was buying one bag of frozen chicken that is going to be the base for three meals. But we have a few dishes this week that have lots of ingredients. Some of these ingredients will carry over so I won't have to buy them again for a little while. But still... it was a lot of money today, even with saving $25 with coupons and sales! Yikes!

Anyway. I started this post to say: I love it when I have moments that I feel comfortably domestic. I hate that Brett is sick, but it's really nice to be able to care for him. I made a really simple breakfast this morning. We were out of eggs but had a little bacon so I told him that I could make him bacon and toast. Then we remembered that we had some frozen hash browns in the freezer. With orange juice, it ended up being a nice little breakfast. And then I made burgers for lunch. We were planning on Brett grilling burgers last night, but he could barely stand! So I just made them on the stove top for lunch today, but they were so good! It's nice to get something right now and then.

Also, while I'm here I'll go ahead and mention that my final class yesterday was great! I was a little blah about going since it was at a new location with all new people. But when I was checking in, I saw a friend of mine! He is already teaching at a school in Irving, so it was really encouraging to talk to him and hear about his experience as a teacher so far. I really, really, REALLY want to get a job teaching in Irving this year. Well, I mean for the next school year. I get nervous about it sometimes, but I'm always encouraged when I talk to my teacher friends. I have a lot to do in the next month, but I'm about to do at least two online classes. And then I'm going to watch the Oscars tonight. Woohoo! I heart the Oscars! Actually, I love all film award shows, but Brett doesn't enjoy them, so this is the only one I got to watch this year. I'm excited though! Woohoo! Also trying a new recipe. I'll let you know how it goes!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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