Friday, February 12, 2010


Today was without a doubt the most beautiful drive to work I've ever experienced. I passed 6 giant snowmen on my way here and one of them was wearing a sweater! A SWEATER! It was great!

Isn't it crazy how 15 minutes can change your life? I'm not sure if this morning's 15 minute drive changed my life, but it definitely woke me up a little. I've been feeling so numb and empty. There is so much life around me. I'm so thankful for God's glory that cannot be hidden. I'm not empty. Just tired. I need to remember that.

I've been at work for almost 2 and a half hours and I've gotten a ton done! So that's good. I really want to go see Valentine's Day today. We had plans to go see it with Jenn and Rich tonight, but we cancelled those plans because of the weather and the crazy. But I still want to see it. I have class all day tomorrow and then a Sunday School party tomorrow night, and then Sunday will be busy as usual. But if I don't find a way to see it this weekend I will find a way to see it next week.

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