Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wow... Already.

Jaime just pointed out that everyone has already posted a "It's February, How Was January?" post. Yeah. I didn't realize it was February.

Am I the only one still in the "getting started" phase on their resolutions? Probably. haha. But it won't stop me!

And you know what? Just because the fitness part has been a slow beginning, I'm not going to ignore what I did accomplish in January. Let's review!

- Tried LOTS of new healthier recipes and found a few keepers! Sweet! I also have a cookbook picked out to buy when I have some "fun money" next week. Sweet!

- I'm rockin' my classes. I have passed my first test and am doing my best to conquer test #2.

- We are talking a lot about our finances and doing our best to plan well for the future. Already an improvement over last year.

So anyway. January wasn't a complete bust, but I'm hoping to make some improvements in February. Just thought I should get that out there before some points out that my first by-myself workout at the apartment was on February 1st.

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