Tuesday, February 2, 2010

That's What I Need!!!

I confessed to Brett last night that I don't know how to jog.

It's okay. You can laugh.

Seriously. I try to jog, but it's a run! I feel awkward trying to run slowly. I love to walk fast, and honestly, I love to run. I can't do it for more than a few seconds (you can laugh again) but it feels good.

Last night as I was walking on the treadmill at my apartment (stop giggling, it's time to APPLAUD! my first time by myself at the apartment=-) I was wanting to try to jog. The guy next to me was jogging at 3.8 miles an hour and it looked like a nice steady pace. Well I started off walking at 3.5 mph. So a little faster and I could have jogged (if I knew how). But the thought of jogging/running on a treadmill terrifies me! It's probably safer than I imagine, but in my head, it's practically deadly! I just know I would fall. I wouldn't be able to keep an even pace and I would fall! And my fingers would get caught in the machine and break off. And I would knock my teeth out and be toothless! Seriously!

I was just reading Lynn's blog and she said she has a TRAIL! I mean an indoor trail. That she can run on. What?! That's what I need!!! I don't know if she was talking about a gym, but I assume it's something like that.

I am HUGELY thankful for how my week is starting out. Well part of my week. I had the healthiest weekend I've had in a long time. I only ate out once. I enjoyed every bite of it, BUT I only ate half of it! I would have liked to swallow every last bit, but I was so full! So I stopped. But after Friday night, we were just at home. I took my lunch with me to class on Saturday and this time I didn't leave. Stopping for a drink on the way there was key. I only drank half of the diet soda, and ended up drinking a ton of water that day! It's the weather. Dries me out. Nice! I don't remember what we did for dinner, but I know it wasn't eating out. Sunday was leftovers for lunch and dinner at my parents. Last night I had the last of the delicious pasta from last week and a nice big salad. The scale is looking good, and I know that I will be back on that treadmill at least two more times. Probably tonight and tomorrow, because Thursday I am going to hit up the library for some books on teaching art and Friday we have dinner plans with Brett's co-worker. I haven't met him before, so I don't want to be Mrs. Stinky.

Also, WAY too emotional this week. It's that time of the month. Combine that with the feeling of being generally overwhelmed that I carry every day these days... no good. But I got some MUCH needed rest on Sunday, so I know I'm better off than I would have been, and that comforts me somewhat.

Hope everyone's week is starting well =-)

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