Friday, February 26, 2010

Okay. Maybe I Spoke Too Soon

Today was so much better. I only stayed for the first 4 periods, but it was a completely different experience! I got to interact with the students a lot more and I feel like I saw a better picture of how the class could be. I guess yesterday, being my first day, just had everyone a little excited...

Of course, if I don't pass the test, it doesn't matter. When I checked the mail, there was a giant envelope! I thought they were here! No such luck though. It was insurance stuff...

On another note, I had a little play money today so I decided to go clothes shopping. I know I have several months in front of me to slowly build a new teacher appropriate wardrobe. But if I, for some reason, got called for an interview tomorrow, I would have anything to wear. I need a suit. Well I checked Ross first, because I try to be frugal (and I find cute stuff there a lot!) but didn't really have any luck. I tried on a suit that was super cute but a little too big. I almost got in anyway because it was only $20.00, but I decided to find something that fit better. Chances are I won't be called for an interview anytime in the next month, so I've got time to look. After that I decided to check Steinmart. It was only my second time in the store, and the whole trip lasted about two minutes. Not everything was terrible, but it wasn't at all what I was going for today. So since that trip was so short I decided to head back across the street. As a teen/young adult, I was always embarrassed to try this store because, well, it has the word "barn" in it. That's right. I tried The Dress Barn. And guess what? Jackpot!

I couldn't afford an outfit today, but they sell suit separates and the suit pants were seriously flattering on me! A little long, but my mom can fix that. Everything was a little more expensive than I would have preferred, but there were a lot of nice things. So I didn't get clothes, but now I know where to look for them! Actually, I bought a shirt that was onsale to wear to our friends birthday dinner tonight, but that's it. I used the rest of my play money for a much needed eye brow wax. Are we talkin' fun, or are we talkin' fun! Sheesh!

I just got home and Brett is napping. I should go join him, but I'm going to play a round of Spider Solitaire first. Good times!

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Krista said...

I'm glad it was a better experience. I thought about you this week as you were observing in classrooms. I've been through lots of observing. It can be tiring and overwhelming. I have no doubt that you will be an amazing teacher!!! :)