Monday, February 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

I should have done this weeks ago! Here it is:

I think that I am supposed to say 7 things about myself that you may not know and then award 7 other Beautiful Bloggers! If those aren't the rules, sorry... I'm a rebel! And if you have already been given the award and I repeat, sorry again... you're just too darn cute to ignore!

Random Fact #1: I grew up singing. It's funny that now, as an adult, art is such a big part of my life because growing up, it was all about the music. My sisters and I grew up singing songs with my dad in church. Random songs about virtues... we sang a Sandi Patty song here and there and I remember singing "The Preacher and the Bear", though I can't remember much of it now. I was pretty decent for my age... even voted Most Talented at the end of our senior year. But I wasn't good enough to major in it. When I went to college I was in the choir as a freshman, but I was one of only 5 or so non music majors in a group of 150. I wasn't exactly welcome. So after that it was just church choir for me.

Random Fact #2: My first job was my best. I worked in a sandwich shop my sophomore, junior and senior year in high school. But not just any sandwich shop. The BEST sandwich shop in town! haha... I guess it was a little known secret because we didn't get much business, and soon after I left they were forced out by a Subway. (I boycotted Subway for years after that.) But we made pita sandwiches and it was the best, tastiest sandwich I've ever had. Totally simple, but good quality ingredients that would blow your mind! I got my best friend, Jeff T., a job there. And then we got a few other friends jobs there. It was greatness. Those memories are some of my best. Jeff T. went to college in Seattle and we don't talk anymore. I send him birthday texts which he usually ignores. Such is life.

Random Fact #3: I sleep with a teddy bear. This is weird, even to me. I'm not sure why. It didn't even strike me as odd until recently... It's not a toy that I've had since I was a baby and don't want to give up. I got it five years ago on a mission trip. I went with the middle school choir at our church as a sponsor. There was a girl there who I had become very close to over the year and she was moving to Houston a few weeks into the summer. She had the bear on the trip, and when it was over, she gave it to me so I wouldn't forget her. After she moved, I mailed her one of my teddy bears. Since then, it's always come to bed with me, and I got used to sleeping with it under my back. It's amazing the amount of support that little thing can provide! But that kind of leads me to my next random fact...

Random Fact #4: Sometimes I forget I'm grown up. I still find myself thinking a lot "when I grow up...". I forget that I am an adult. I'm not sure why... is it because I don't really get treated with respect at work? I started there when I was 21 (just a kid, in my book) and now that I am 28, they still treat me the same. Maybe because I am so much younger than everyone else. Or maybe I feel like a kid I feel insecure so often. Or is it the fact that I still live in my home town?I don't know what it would take to feel grown up though. I got married. Maybe moving? Or buying a home? Or becoming a parent? Or just leaving that job? Those are all things that sound very scary to me. I can't imagine they would make me feel brave...

Random Fact #5: I speak in movie quotes. Mostly to myself. Just a few random quotes that stick in my head. Like anytime I mess something up I say "I had a little trouble in tinting class". Or when I'm pointing something out I say "For example. Occulous Reparo." And when I am feeling hopeful I say "It's Rex Manning Day". My sisters and I used to play a game where one of us would say "What movie?" And then throw out a line from a movie. I loved that game. Laura, the funny one, never took it too seriously though. She would always say something that would give it away like "We have to Free Willy!" or (talking like Geppetto) "Pinocchio!" Also some of my best memories...

Random Fact #6: I love color. I mean really. It touches me. I don't really know how to expand on this point... but it's a part of who I am. Fall is my favorite time of year because I'm blown away by the colors in the trees.

Random Fact #7: I haven't travelled much, but I'd like to. There are so many places I'd like to see. But right now, if someone said that I could choose 5 places to visit, and they would be the only places I'd ever get to go, I would pick Disney World, New York, Hawaii, Italy and... man. It's hard to choose. Either Paris or New Zealand.

Okay, those are my facts. Are you bored yet? Sorry!

Here are 7 beautiful blogs that I'd like to award!
Jennifer - One of my besties!
Marie - One of Brett's besties from college who I totally stole and is now one of my besties!
Jeff - One of my oldest and best friends. We've been friends for 28 years =-)
Jennifer - A really awesome Dallas blogger who encourages me constantly!
Krista - One of my college roomies and totally a bestie!
Kerry - The coolest craft blog I've found.
Rick - My Pops!

Peace out playas! (Also a movie line that I use ALL the time!)


Denise Lauren said...

i remember those sandwiches! wish i could have one right now ... still sad that we all lost contact with jeff t. i think about him sometimes and wonder how he's doing.

Jennifer said...

1) I am 37 and my bear is on my night stand. When I can't sleep or when I feel sad, stressed, troubled, etc., I curl up with him and it's very soothing. There is no shame in sleeping with your bear! (And he cradles my head perfectly!)

2) I forget I am grown up, too. We bought a car this past weekend, and it was our first MAJOR purchase as husband and wife. It felt odd...whenever we buy a house, I think that may send me over the edge! That's a VERY grown up thing, and it's a little scary! At 37, I don't think I am ready to grow up just yet...