Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 1.29.10

Huge thank you to Jennifer who encouraged me Wednesday night and said "well just do better tomorrow and then it will be less bad than it would be otherwise". She was so right.

A few days ago I was up a few pounds from last Friday, but today I am only up .2 weighing in at 237.4. I'll take it!

Yesterday wasn't easy but it was an overall good day. I hate being hungry and I was hungry most of the day. It's totally my fault. Going from eating too much to eating normal portions is always a bit of a shock to my system, but it doesn't last forever. After a few days of good choices, I'm used to it.

It's Friday and we are going out to eat tonight, (Brett's mom wants to take us out to celebrate the passing of my first test... she is always looking for excuses to see us) so this could be the beginning of another disastrous weekend for me, but I am determined to not let it be. I don't want to weigh in Monday morning with "eaters remorse". So I had my oatmeal and coffee this morning. I sauteed some veggies to eat along side my Lean Cuisine for lunch. I'm a bit nervous because I am out of fruit today so I'm going to work snackless unless I have a flash brilliance in the next 45 minutes. Which I may. You never know =-)

I have class all day tomorrow. Last time I took a healthy lunch with me to eat on our lunch break but I was so nervous and jittery, I ended up driving through Long John Silvers anyway. But I'm super excited about the lunch I am taking tomorrow, and I am going to grab a bottled diet soda today so I don't feel like I need to leave and get anything. (When I drove to LJS last time I was just planning to get a drink, but it turned into a drink with two pieces of fish!) I made a new recipe last night and really liked it! Brett didn't hate it, but he definitely won't be eating any of the leftovers, so they're all for me! And I will enjoy some of them tomorrow.

Sunday is a busy day for us, but I am fairly sure that we will spend all of our money at the grocery store Saturday night, so I am planning to have leftover fajitas for one meal, and I'll do my best to make a good choice on the other meal, whatever it may be.

Sigh. Deep breaths. I'm fighting every minute to keep off the anxiety these days. I need EACH day to be productive. I will do my best this weekend, but I hope my best is enough.

OH! And I finally did it! I went to the workout room at my apartment! My mom and sister came over and trudged through the rain to check it out with me. It's a tiny little thing! It has two treadmills, a stair stepper (I think that's what it was) and a sitting bike. You know what I mean. And then also a tiny little room with free weights and muscle machines. Sorry... I don't really speak "gym" yet. There were two people in there already so it was crowded! And stinky because the rooms are so small. But it's better than nothing and I think I will make it my goal to be in there at least 3 nights next week.

Okay, I have officially wasted enough time this morning. I'm off. Oh! I would give anything to be off today! But I need to persevere. I'm starting to consider calling in sick next Friday. I know that's dishonest, but I think I may need the time before my art test on Saturday. I'm not very happy with this study guide that I ended up with, but seeing as that it's the only one I found after weeks of searching, I'm going to shut up and learn it. But it's all art... no teaching. I'm nervous about that. I may need Friday to do some extra work. I only missed 3 questions on the first practice test I took, but it wasn't a full test... only 17 questions. Ha!

We'll see.

Happy Friday.

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