Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Is That Possible?

My head is both completely dead and working overtime today. That makes no sense!

I suppose it is more accurate to say that my mind is out of control today. I can't get it to focus on what I'm supposed to be doing at the moment. Also known as WORK! I'm filled to the brim with thoughts of what I need to be doing, changes I would like to make, the life I would like to live in the future.... And it's all over the place! Thoughts ranging from "I wish I had a nicer camera, to our February budget, to next week's food and when will we plan/grocery shop." I am overloaded.

It's so quiet at work. I have a couple of projects to work on, but neither one really has a deadline and one of them doesn't really have clear instructions from the customer yet. So I'm struggling.

Maybe 5:00 will come quickly. And maybe I will miraculously find some time to think and plan in the next 72 hours. I need some serious list action! Soon! Or I won't get organized in time and things will get put off that need to be addressed ASAP!

Sigh. Work, I really don't have time for you this week.

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