Saturday, January 16, 2010

Says Me Now, "Holy Cow!"

I studied for 8 hours today. From noon to 6:00 and then from 9:00 to 11:00. It was slow going because I was trying to learn WHILE I read. I read through the first of five domains that I will be tested on in my test next Saturday. I didn't just start today, but the first domain, which is language, is the largest so it took me a few days to make my way through. I filled pages and pages of my spiral notebook, but I feel like I took good notes and understood what I was reading. Tomorrow evening/night, I will do domain number 2, Math, which is half the size of domain number 1. Monday night will be History, and it's gonna be a doozy! (When I become a teacher, am I going to have to stop saying things like "it's gonna"? If I say pretty please, can I still use bad grammar on my blog?) I mean, things that I haven't studied in years! And I know that I need to try to commit what I can to memory because on the first practice test I took, those were the questions that I missed most often. It's not that I don't find history interesting, but it was always the subject that I had the hardest time retaining, and it has been YEARS since I studied native Americans and Texas history. Tuesday night, I have class from 6-9 in Grand Prairie, but I can't afford to skip a day of studying, so I will do domain 4, science, when I get home. Wednesday night I will do the final domain which is Art, Music, and Health. And then Thursday night, after I host this months Dining with Divas at my apartment, I will take and score the practice exam. Friday night I will probably read through my notes, but I will try to go to bed at a decent time so I can get up extra early and be at my test by 7:30 on Saturday morning.

Nervous much? Yeah.

And I'm SOOO tired.

And Brett is tired. Work was killer for him this week. Actually, work was strenuous. I can't say "killer" because that sounds negative, and he was an absolute ROCKSTAR this week! He did such a good job managing the first week of his new students taking calls, despite the fact that this class (his second ever) has twice as many students as his first class. He did so well that on Wednesday, a student brought him donuts in the morning because she thought he did such a great job teaching them the previous day.

This week will be a challenge for me because, despite the fact that I have immediate needs that I need to address and can't put off, I want to meet Brett's needs as well. This is the kind of week where we genuinely NEED to be partners. We are going to support each other and each give and take to get through the week and stay positive and productive. Ha. It sounds easy when I just blurt it out like that, but in all honesty, this week is going to be a challenge. Saturday is a big day for me, and after a long full week, Sunday is going to be a big day for Brett because he will be teaching the first of four lessons in a series that he was asked to present at our church.

Thank goodness God's grace is sufficient! Not that I am EVER capable of much on my own, but sometimes it is almost painfully obvious how in need I am of His mercy and strength.

I feel like I have more to say, but I can't mention anything else without starting completely new topics that need a lot of explaining, and I am way too tired for rabbit chasing tonight.

Pray for me this week! Pray that my sleep is TRULY restful and that I find the energy to get everything done that I need to this week. Pray that I lean on the Lord and not try to rely on my own strength. My blurry eyes and cramped legs are telling me right now that my strength is NOT enough to get me through this...

Loving you!

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