Thursday, January 7, 2010

Freaking Out Too Soon

I am so nervous about Saturday. Like feel like throwing up nervous. My teacher classes start Saturday morning. Why am I freaking out? I can't help it. I just am. I'm nervous about... I don't even know! I mean, when I think about what these classes MEAN... that I'm completely changing my life and facing something unknown that is going to be a huge challenge. I mean, that's scary enough. But right now, I'm just nervous about the classes. About going the first time. What if I'm late. What if I walk up to the door and they say, 'Are you serious? Get out of here!' What if everything they say is terrifying instead of reassuring like I am hoping it will be?

Freaking. Out.


Jennifer said...

Been there! When I started back to school 2 years ago, I worried that I would be the oldest student in the classroom, that I would be too big to fit in a desk, that I would be a colossal failure in the eyes of my professors. None of those things were even remotely true! I am ususally not the oldest student (I'm only 37!), I am definitely not too big to fit in a desk, and my professors seem to like me! (I am a Dean's List school nerd and I love it!) You will be fine! Once you get in there you will be able to's that fear of the unknown that always gets the best of us! :)

Marie said...

Teachers are the nicest people in the world! And you are easy to love. they are going to LOVE you. so, Give your insecurities the old "heave, ho!" and rejoice that God has given you a direction to follow.