Friday, December 11, 2009

Weekly Weigh In 12.11.09 & OH MY!

Okay, weight this morning is 235.2. This week was full of challenges, most of which I have posted about (sorry about all of the period talk... more sorry for me for having to deal with it!!!). Also full of some small victories, like eating almost exactly what I had planned to at Olive Garden (had a few bites of calamari, but honestly, only 3) and picking up something for Brett at a drive thru and not even considering getting myself anything. This was a full week and I am glad that today is Friday. I pray for peace and a good attitude today.

I have lots of thoughts and goals to share with you on that subject, some of which I hope to post this weekend, but right now I am sort of freaking out.

OH MY GOODNESS! I just signed up for my two certification tests. One is in January and one is in February. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!!! I want to start studying!

It took me ALL morning to sign up. I went to three different websites just to find out how. The TExES site (the test is called TExES) is super helpful. I hope to get some kind of email from them today just confirming everything. I had to pick testing sites and they were all places I had never been too (had only heard of two of them... two different high schools), so I will definitely do a drive by before the test and make sure I know how to get there because if I am late, they won't let me in and I forfeit the fees. SO... I am $240 poorer (sorry baby), but one step closer to becoming a teacher =-)

Thank you Lord for providing us with the money to embark on this process. And thank you, thank you, thank you for a husband who is, without a doubt, my biggest fan and a support system that I couldn't live without.


Marie said...

ooooh, can I help you study for your tests?? We will def have to talk about that. Hang in there!

Kriss said...

Yay I bet you do great on your tests!!!!! Also I wanted to tell you about a free site that I use for keeping track of my calories (among other nutritian values such as calcium, magnesism, potassium, etc). I guess the reason I really like keeping track of other nutritrinal values is because if I am losing weight but not getting the things my body needs to function, then I am really not helping myself in the long run. It lets you program how many calories you want to stay inbetween and also allows you to save the food you commonly eat under favorites. I wasn't sure if you used a weight watchers site but just in case you don't here is the link.

kittyosmon said...

Congrats on your weight loss! I appreciate how you're honest with your journey. It's inspiring!