Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

I love Thanksgiving. It's one of my favorite holidays. I love that it is a holiday that brings my whole family together. I love that it usually involves cooler weather. I love the way my mom's cooking fills the house with delicious smells. And I love that it means Christmas is getting close. (My Christmas countdown widget is FINALLY hanging ornaments on the little tree!!! It's blank all year until Christmas is 30 days away and then it hangs an ornament every day until Christmas day when it is full!!!)

This year was interesting. It's the first year that not all of my sisters and I are single. I'm a Bacon now and Mel is a Kennedy. I was living at home this time last year, frantically saving for the wedding, so this year I actually had to drive home for Thanksgiving lunch! I was worried that we wouldn't be able to all be together this year, but it worked out in the end.

This year, my family planned lunch at my parents house for the immediate family and then dinner at my Aunt Dinah's with my dad's side of the family. Dinah lives in Flower Mound so it was all nice and easy as far as driving goes. Brett and I were planning to have lunch at my parent's house and then dinner with his mom, but his mom decided last week that she would rather go visit her sister. So we ended up doing lunch at my parent's, coming home to rest for a bit and then having dinner in Flower Mound. I had a really good time! My parents made a FANTASTIC meal for lunch! My dad did a turkey and it was so juicy and tasty! And my mom did a ton of sides including my favorite, her homemade stuffing. It was so good this year!

Dinner at Dinah's was all of the basics again... all of the family staples. Dave's green beans, Dinah's potato casserole, Laura's cornbread, my banana pudding... TONS of food! And it was all delicious! And we have a couple of babies in the family right now, so that is really fun for us all! My cousin Haley's baby is 6 or 7 months old I think and my cousin Michael's baby is 4 months old I think. Maybe 3. Not sure. But they are both PRECIOUS!

So Thanksgiving was great. And so was... FRIDAY SHOPPING! My sister's and I are Friday and Thanksgiving shoppers. (How can I call it "Black Friday" when I enjoy so much???) So before and after the meals on Thursday, we were scanning the ads and forming a plan! It ended up just being me and Jenna this year... Laura didn't have enough people to shop for to justify getting up that early on a work day! And Mel was working too. =-( But Jenna and I were ready to go!

We always have a plan of action, and this year, it got changed up a bit along the way, but DEFINITELY worked out for the best! I woke up at 2:00 a.m. Friday morning, realized that I had a bit more time to rest, so I snoozed in the comfy chair in the study for 20 more minutes, then I got up, brushed my teeth, threw on clothes and headed out the door at 2:30! I got to the Irving mall at about 2:50. Our plan was to hit that Old Navy first because it was opening at 3:00, then head across the street to get in line at that Target, which was opening at 5:00. Well that plan would have worked if that Old Navy were opening at 3:00 like the ad said. But because it is in a mall and not a stand alone store, it wasn't opening until 5:00. So Jenna and I got into her car and headed to the Old Navy in Lewisville. We got there at 3:15, walked into the store and after about 60 seconds, walked back out. It was too crowded. We were there for the $5 fleeces and the store was so full we couldn't see the tables. The fleeces are kind of the Old Navy trademark, so we decided it was a pretty safe bet that they would still have some available if we came back after a few other stores. So we got back into the car and headed to the Target at Mac and 635. We got there a little before 4:00 and probably had 80 to 100 people in line in front of us. Not bad. Target was a complete success! We got everything that we went there for and didn't wait in line to pay for too long. Woohoo!

After Target we went to Walmart but they were sold out of what we were going there for. So we headed back across town to Anna's where they were selling $5 snuggies AND giving away coupons that were $10 off a purchase of $25 or more. Hello!!! I had $15 of things to buy there so I grabbed two snuggies and STILL only paid $15! It was our treat to ourselves... those two snuggies. Jenna got red and I got brown. Nice and cozy!

So after Anna's we were headed back to our original Old Navy location but we stopped at a Game Stop where I found exactly what I was looking for and stood in line for 30 minutes only to get to the counter and find out it was for the wrong product. I thought it was a case for a DSI but underneath the little Game Stop sticker, it said DS Lite. Thanks a lot.

But, once again, I am happy to say that Old Navy was a total success! Jenna got everything there that she was hoping to get and I got three gifts that I wasn't planning on that were SUCH good prices! Woohoo!

Then we swung by Big Lots to look at Christmas decorations and games, but left empty handed. After that Brett was awake so I took him breakfast while Jenna went to pick up leftovers from my parent's house. Then Jenna and I headed to Kohl's where once again, we had great success! I can't remember what time it was after that. I am thinking somewhere around 10:00??? Maybe 10:30 by the time I left? We popped into Ross where, once again, I found exactly what I was hoping to find! I was exhausted but really happy with all of my purchases. We both headed home after that and I took a much needed shower. Brett was back in bed and happily resting so I played a little Peggle while my hair dried. When he got up and I was slightly recovered, we headed out to grab a slice from New York Pizza Pasta and Subs, our fav, and then did a little window shopping. We have a few people on our list that we are still deciding what to buy. But we got some good ideas!

That afternoon, Brett had to be at work at 3:30 so I went to see a 4:35 showing of The Blind Side. Cried the WHOLE time. I cry really easily when I am tired. I cried during every preview, the whole movie, and shed fresh tears during the credits thinking about how much I love my family. I will buy this movie. It was a really great story and nicely made movie.

Saturday was restful. Today was church. And tomorrow is back to reality. It is way past my bedtime. This makes 4 posts in one day. A personal record, I believe. It's been so long since I've blogged though... I wanted to make up for a bit of lost time.

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