Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random Rabbits

Random Rabbit 1:
There is a guy walking around the office in a hard hat. Sometimes I wish I had a job that required a hat. Hats are fun. I could be the queen of something. Crowns are like hats, right?

Random Rabbit 2:
Tonight's coffee date just cancelled on me. It makes me want to skip choir and just be home for the night! I felt really productive after an hour of crafting last night! I focused on one thing and got it done. I can't really move forward until I buy more adhesive, so I am considering running to Hobby Lobby at lunch and then just crafting tonight! I won't be able to tomorrow or Friday, so it's today or three days from now. Tempting!!! I should probably go to HL at lunch, go ahead and go to choir tonight and just be home by 8:30 and get in a good hour or so of crafting. Brett has a play date with Chris planned, so that would be perfect! (Does it sound condescending when I say "play date"? I don't mean it to be...)

Random Rabbit 3:
We have an 8 foot by 4 foot poster leaning against a wall in the other room waiting to be picked up by a customer. We printed it and mounted it and now it is wrapped in bubble wrap just waiting... Every time I walk past it I want to karate chop it. What's that all about? I can NOT hurt it! It costs big money to mount something that big! (That's what she said. Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

Random Rabbit 4:
I just got a paper cut. It hurts!

Random Rabbit 5:
My friend, Kelly, is really close to her due date and every time I get a text message, I am expecting it to be her husband telling everyone they are on the way to the hospital! I'm so excited!!!

The end.

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Anonymous said...

That's so exciting your friend is so close to giving birth!

I have secretly always wanted to wear a hard hat ;)