Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sometimes I Cry...

...for no reason. At least, not for any one specific reason. I just cried through the last hour of High School Musical 3. You heard me. Was it because I was devastated by the inevitable separating of Troy and Gabriella? Maybe for about 3 seconds. But after that, the tears were flowing strong and had no intention of stopping.

Crying can be such a RELEASE! I feel bad when I cry like this around Brett because he doesn't understand how I can pour out tears like I was just diagnosed with a terminal illness, over... nothing. (He isn't here tonight, so I let loose and cried me a river!)

It's not nothing, but it's too much to put into words. That's why I cry instead. haha. It's the thousand little things that I manage from day to day. It's the letting go of the ones that have become too heavy to carry. It's the adjusting. To a new way of life. It's the acceptance. Of failures that I didn't intend. It is what it is. And Marie says it's okay!

I think that NP said it best in the greatness of Garden State. "I look forward to a good cry now and then. It feels pretty good."

PS - High School Musical? Holla! Those kids are outrageous! They rock my socks! The kid who plays Ryan Evans. Super star! Two thumbs up all around. I'm glad that I finally finished the trifecta!

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