Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Labor Day Blahs

I am super excited that September is here. That means that October is closer and I LOVE October. I love the cooler weather, I LOVE driving with my window down (most of the year it's too hot for that in Texas) and I love the beginning of the holiday season. One of my Facebook friends complained yesterday about his random play on iTunes playing a Christmas song. I LOVE when I get a Christmas song! Any time of year!

I should be excited about the 3 day weekend, but right now... it's just not there. We wish that we were going to The Woodlands to see our Houston friends, but if we went this weekend they wouldn't be there because they have Labor Day plans. But not us. We will probably sit at home and play video games and watch tv like we always do. I wish we had something fun to do!

I plan on working out our budget though. That should be interesting. I want us to buy a new bigger bed by the end of this year so that when January gets here we can start saving for our anniversary trip to Santa Fe. We are SUPER excited about that!

The best that I can hope for this weekend is that we catch up on rest and enjoy each other. I hope that we don't drive each other crazy going stir crazy!

There's not even a new movie we could go see!


Kriss said...

Kim, I heard something on the radio this morning that made me think of you. They had a speaker on about tasers. Then the radio show host started talking about pepper spray and Wasp Spray. She said that single woman or employees who work late by themselves should keep a can of wasp spray handy to spray on attackers. She said the wasp spray was better than pepper spray because with pepper spray you can inhail it whereas the wasp spray can be sprayed as far as 15 ft. Anyway, I remember you talking about working late and the break in. You might want to get a can of wasp spray to keep up at work and maybe even for the apartment in case you are there without Brett. -Kriss

Kim said...

Thanks Kriss! I will look into that!