Sunday, September 13, 2009

Graceful, She Ain't!

Graceful is one of those adjectives that I aspire towards having tagged to my name! Whenever I hear someone describe another woman as graceful, a little sense of longing wells up inside me and I sit up a little straighter. You know. In case the Grace Brigade is scanning the room looking for someone to add to their ranks.

Well this morning, I felt like such a klutz! Brett was sick, so I went to church alone. It was my first time to be at FBCI by myself and I am happy to report that I did not feel awkward, which is amazing because I had a string of events in a ten minute window where you would think I had never been in public before!

First of all, it was raining. If you are a Dallasite, you know that it has been raining all weekend. I mean really raining! Rain like we haven't had in months. It's been great!

Well, I don't have an umbrella. Most of the time, I don't really care, but today, sitting down in my seat and realizing that I had a spotted shirt to go along with my rapidly frizzing hair made me admit that it is time to invest in one.

So that's ungraceful aspect number one.

Number 2:
Have you ever been singing a song with a group and come in too early? Like when the trendy singer adds an 8 count of strumming before singing the chorus? You know you've done it! Well I did that today. And it is one of those big finish type of choruses! The verse builds and builds and then you burst into a heartfelt chorus. Well today I had a one word solo. It was actually only half of a word, and it probably lasted half of a second. But I can't deny it. It was me. That loud burst of sound. Me.

Number 3:
I banged the collection plate on the empty seat in front of me when I was getting up to take the plate to the lady at the other end of my row. Not too loud, but the people behind/beside me couldn't miss it.

Number 4:
I tripped coming back to my seat =-) Not a falling on the ice kind of trip, but a cheap flip-flop curled under my foot kind of trip. I sat down feeling a bit defeated. I was glad that I was sitting in church and not in a kitchen because I probably would have dropped my knife and ended up one finger short!

I don't mind mornings like that though. It is good to be reminded that on my own, I am utterly hopeless. I am undeniably flawed. And it's no secret! But I can never outspend God's grace. He knows my faults, and when I am a mess, he washes me clean. Again and again.

God is so good =-)

I saw some fun sites today! On the way to church, when I passed our park (the park where Brett and I got married, which I get to drive past every Sunday on my way to church) I saw a mother duck leading a dozen ducklings through the rain. It was SO sweet!

And then after church when I went to pick up lunch for Brett I saw a bird doing the funniest thing! I probably can't describe it right, but he was looking for food in the crack at the bottom of the building. The way that he was bending down and peaking into the crack was not like anything I had ever seen a bird do before and it was very entertaining!

I also got to hang out with my family today, minus Jenna and Dad. Melanie hosted a Premier Jewelry party. So fun! I didn't have any money to spend, but it was really fun to see all of the pretty beads. Loved it! Laura is going to host one in a few weeks and I plan on having money to buy a Christmas present for Brett's mom. It will be our first one of the year. Woohoo! Can we get the tree out so I can have a place to put the gift? Pretty please?

Brett is feeling much better, the rain has lightened up a bit, and I feel ready for a new week. I love my husband and I am so thankful for God's love which he makes no effort to hide in my life. I hope your week gets off to a good start!

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Jennifer T. said...

I love you! I know you posted this so we could laugh and cringe along with you, and I definitely did!