Monday, August 3, 2009

A Truly Magical Wedding!

Are you tired of this? Of me going days without blogging and then overflowing information expressed only semi enthusiastically because the memory is already fading?


It really was a crazy week last week. I picked Brett up from the airport at 3:00 on Friday and we had to be at Mel's wedding rehearsal at 5:45. We weren't, by the way. The directions that I printed off of MapQuest took me one exit too far (anyone surprised?) and it took a little while to get turned the right way. But we weren't the only ones running a bit behind, so all was well.

The wedding was WONDERFUL! Every bit of it! Starting with the rehearsal. It was just a really fun group of people! I LOVE my family, and JD's family seems every bit as groovy. Maybe in different ways here and there, but really great all the same! There are four daughters and no sons in my family and there are four sons and no daughters in JD's family. There is one granddaughter on each side and they are only a year apart, so it just is a really easy fit. The rehearsal was smooth and fun and the rehearsal dinner was DELICIOUS! I guess that I should mention that the wedding was at the Trade Mart in Dallas. What a cool building! A little confusing to navigate when you first arrive and are trying to find which sliding door to enter through, but a really unique wedding location!

After the rehearsal dinner, Brett brought me to my parent's house where my sisters and I were all staying the night together. Madison, JD's niece, was staying with Madilyn, my niece, at the casa as well. What an adorable pair! Madison is SO funny. She has the most adorable lisp, and she talks really fast, so she usually has to repeat herself 3 or 4 times before anyone can tell what she is saying. But it is adorable! (My favorite is that she says the works "stink" instead of "think". So there was lots of "I stink so". GREATNESS! And every other sentence that comes out of her mouth is "You're crazy!" If you do something really unexpected, she says "You're crazy, weirdo!") We laughed a lot and helped Mel finish packing. She worked SO hard getting ready for the wedding so most of the details were already taken care of. It was just a matter of making sure that everything (and everyone) got to where it (they) needed to be the day of the wedding.

We went to sleep around 12:30. Laura and Jenna had some things to take care of before the wedding day began so they got up at 6:45 and were out the door by 7. Mel and I held out for a few more winks and didn't get up until 9:00. The best thing about Laura needing to leave is that when she came back, she brought breakfast tacos from Taco Cabana! Yumm! Sometime around 10 or 10:30, Jenna and I went to check on our Grandma, made sure she had an outfit picked out, and pick up the corsages and some wine.

Mel and my mom needed to leave for her hair appointment a little before noon (I think that's right... the details are already getting fuzzy... Memory is not my strong point!) We left not long after her. Jenna left to take a freshly ironed pair of pants and shirt to Chris, and Laura and I loaded up the nieces, stopped for spring rolls, and headed for the Trade Mart.

Let me just stop at this point and say that I realize I am giving too many details. Sorry about that. I tend to ramble when I am excited. But it really was amazing!

Okay, so the next few hours flew by in a haze of bobby pins and hairspray. We got ready in "The Red Room" at the Trade Mart and it was a great space! Plenty of room for Madi and Madison to play while all of the girls ironed, crimped and primped.

The wedding started at 6. Melanie was breath taking. Her dress was so unique. It felt iconic. Just really classic... like something you would see on a 1940's Barbie Doll. And her hair was perfection. Kind of a low side ponytail with curls pinned to the side of her head. JD shed a few tears, the bridesmaid dresses, each different, coordinated perfectly. The black and champagne was fancy and feminine at the same time. And the red roses added the perfect pop of color. My feet were killing me in my shoes, but there is no other negative word to say.

The ceremony was short and sweet... the pastor was very kind and the music was lovely. The food was SO tasty! A fancy fajita bar with rice and beans and the best spinach quesadillas I have ever had!

The DJ was so nice and the music was perfect! Tons of people danced (my aunts were adorable), and he had Melanie and JD play a game that I had never seen before. It was clever and cute and really set the mood for a comfortable, fun reception.

We left a little after 10:00. I haven't spoken to Mel since, (we texted a couple of times) but I can't wait to see her. I hope that she is relieved, I hope that she is starting to recover, and I hope I get to see pictures soon!!!

My camera was out of commission, but my sister Jenna is supposed to email me the pictures that she took, so hopefully I will have some to post soon.

That's the story of Melanie's Magical wedding.

The day after, Brett and I rested and relaxed. We recovered from his week of work in Cali/the wedding weekend, I did TONS of laundry, and we grocery shopped. It was the nicest day we've had in a while. I'm thankful that his trip went well, but I am hopeful that he won't have to travel again for a while. Or that if he does, it will be a slower time for me at work so I can miss a few days...

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