Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finally, An Actual Post!

Work has been so busy... when I get home, after I make dinner and do a little cleaning, I am SO tired! I like when work is slow enough that I can write a quick post on my lunch break, but work hasn't resembled anything remotely close to slow for a few weeks. So my lunch break consists of the 60 seconds it takes me to walk to the lunch room, the 5 minutes it takes me to heat up my lunch, and the 60 second walk back to my desk. Then I am back to work while I munch on my tasties.

We are almost past the first hurdle on our summer project though! We do football programs for 7 schools, and this year they range between 36 and 148 pages. Most of our schools are around 100 pages though. But after we get the big book done, we do inserts for each school every time they have a home game. The inserts can be pretty hectic because we only have a couple of days to get them designed, approved and sent to the press, and there are always multiple schools with home games each week. But right now we are facing the INSANELY CHAOTIC task of getting the main portion of each book completed, approved and to the press. It is difficult when booster club parents don't understand the importance of deadlines, it is confusing when you are doing the same thing to 7 different schools and you have to keep them all separate in your head, and it is frustrating/disheartening when the owners, all five of them, get stressed to the point of grumpiness and are on the lookout for something/someone to throw their anger at.

I'm really tired. At the end of the day... man. It's all I can do to stay up long enough to do dishes and laundry after dinner. I'm getting home late, so dinner is late, so chores are late, so bedtime is late... it's a vicious cycle. I'm behind on blogging, exercise is non-existent and I miss reading the blogs I follow! I get so much encouragement from the Halliblogers (5 girls who live in Canada who I somehow have managed to discover and now can't get enough of). And I want to know what is going on with my friends that I don't get to see very often... Honestly though, I shouldn't be complaining. Most summers I don't have a day off between the 4th of July and Labor Day. But this year... what can I say? This is my 7th program season, and I was able to stay caught up working only 6 days a week. This past Sunday was the first I have worked all summer. That is a first in my Jayroe career!

Well, I would like to say you will be hearing from me again soon, but who can say?

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