Sunday, August 9, 2009

Delicious Dish - 4

Okay, first I should mention that this is a dish that I am thinking of altering. I know that there are all kinds of oats out there, and some are better for you than others. But whether I change it in the future or not, it doesn't change the fact that right now, this is a seriously delicious dish! Also, let me apologize for the fuzzy pictures. That's the best I could find.

This is super simple. It works well year round and, most importantly, it is a FILLING breakfast. I feel good for a few hours when I eat this. It holds me over well until 10:00 or so when it's time for my "morning snack".

I'm talking about oatmeal.

I started wanting to eat oatmeal for breakfast a few years ago after I had been told about 2,000 times that it is a healthy start to your day. Oatmeal is good because it is packed with fiber, and fiber helps your body digest things. Also, the boxes all say that it lowers your cholesterol. It's on the box, so it must be true, right? Now growing up, we were not oatmeal eaters. The thought of making it on the stove leads me to visions of sticky pots and pans and burned milk. So I shopped around for a low cal instant oatmeal and landed on this:

I have been eating it now for probably three years, and I have never tried any other flavor. My sister likes the blueberry, but I LOVE cinnamon, and when I really like something I can eat it over and over without getting tired of it, so apple cinnamon is the one for me! And this one is great because it's a low sugar version so it has 110 calories as opposed to the 150 that most flavors provide.

Now here's the deal with instant oatmeal packets - they're small. People say that oatmeal is filling, but half of a cup of anything isn't going to fill me up. So here is my routine. I use one packet of apple cinnamon oatmeal with half of a cup of my milk substitute of choice, Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze.

Why do we need a milk substitute? I'm not really sure. But I heard this product mentioned so many times that I decided to try it. It's super low in the calorie department (40 for a WHOLE CUP!) and it has a crazy smooth creaminess that I really love! So there you go.

While the oatmeal is cooking in the microwave for a minute and fifteen seconds, I slice up a small Golden Delicious apple.

How can it not be good? It's NAMED DELICIOUS! Adding the apple to the oatmeal makes it a filling breakfast for me, and I am starting my day with, not just one healthy choice, but 3 fiber filled, energy giving goodies!

It's not fancy, but it was such a good breakfast solution for me, I wanted to share it. This oatmeal and Boca burgers are my two breakfast staples. I switch off every other month or so, but they are both greatness and I would never give up either!

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Krista said...

I love all of your healthy eating ideas! I'm always looking for more ideas :)