Monday, August 3, 2009

Delicious Dish - 3


You heard me!

I have had very few enchiladas in my life. I'm a taco girl. And I'm weird about cheese. I don't really like it in sauce form... or in slices... or in big chunks. But I love it melted on pizza or in quesadillas or on top of tacos. But I have always kind of steered clear of enchiladas. I don't know what kind of cheese might be lurking in that melty dish.

The first time that I had an enchilada that I enjoyed was at a singles pot luck a couple of years ago. They ordered a few trays of enchiladas from Los Lupes and I was shocked to find that I enjoyed, none other than, the CHEESE enchilada! It wasn't saucy at all. It was mostly chili, and the cheese inside of the tortilla reminded me of string cheese melted, rather than a big block of cheese.

So here is what I have recently pieced together.

I start with a stick of Weight Watcher string cheese.

I wrap it in my tortilla of choice (shout out Mission carb balance tortillas! WAY less calories for a smoother texture).

And I top it with the greatness of Wolf brand Turkey chili.

Then I top it with a few chopped onion. Green if I have them.

This is a seriously delicious dish, and the calorie count is TINY compared to what it would cost you at a restaurant or even in the freezer aisle! I can eat two of these for 345 calories and be pretty satisfied. If you are wanting more bites, you can cut each tortilla in half, split each string cheese, and make 4 skinny enchiladas! I did that on Friday and it was a little hard to keep the tortilla in place, but that problem was solved once I poured the chili on top.

Just lay the rolled up string cheese side by side in a small glass baking dish, top them with a half of a cup of chili and bake them in the oven at 350 long enough for the cheese to melt. 10-12 minutes or so. Sprinkle with onions when you pull them out, and voila! Dinner is served!


Kriss said...

I read your entry and then the kids and I went to the mall. The entire time I kept thinking how tasty those enchaladas sound. So I ran by krogers and picked up some turkey chili (didn't know they made this) and some high fiber corn tortillas. I already had the cheese in the fridge. I worked up the calories and we could have three of them for 340 something calories (I weighed out my cheese too). I can't wait for my hubby to get home and EAT! He is Mr. Skinny doing a biggest loser contest at work so he will be happy in the fat content! Thanks for sharing, I truly can't wait to eat!!

Kriss said...

I just had to update....they were wonderful! I got a request to make them again! -kriss
Ps. I put a recipe for WW Banana Nut Cherry Bread in my blog