Sunday, July 5, 2009

Three Day Weekend... Where Did You Go?

It was so nice to have Friday off! Brett has been sick, so Friday and Saturday, we did a lot of relaxing. But I'm sitting here now, on Sunday night, barely able to keep my eyes open and the three day weekend seems to have melted away!

We did a little bit of errand running on Friday because when Brett woke up, he was feeling a little better. Breathing better, slept a little better... so we took our time getting ready and then went to a couple of stores. Actually, first we went to my bank to cash my paycheck. We are switching my direct deposit to Brett's account, which is now our joint account, but that means that for a few weeks, while they are switching things around, I have to deposit my money manually. It is going to take some getting used to when our money is all going to one account, but hopefully I will make that transition quickly. I just can't forget to put money in my account once a month for my car payment! Then we went to Half Price Books to look for some books on some software that Brett wanted to get for work. We didn't find what we were looking for so we decided to check another store. We stopped at Arby's first and enjoyed a couple of roast beef sandwiches. Mmm, mmm good! And then we went to store number 2. It started out okay, but halfway through our search, it was clear that Brett was still ill. He got dizzy walking around the aisles and had a sneezing fit that almost knocked him off his feet! They didn't have the version of the books that we needed so we decided to get Brett home to rest and try Barnes & Noble later that night.

I took Brett home and then went to meet Jenina at Starbucks. Can I just say, thank you Lord for my girlfriends?!? I saw Jennifer on Wednesday and Jenina on Friday, and it was better than a good nights sleep on Tylenol PM! Seriously, nothing breaths life into you like some one on one time with the people who know you best. I love my husband with all my heart, but thank goodness for my girls. I need all of the above!

After a nice long chat with Jenina over some delicious chilled Chai, I drove through Bank of America to deposit the previously mentioned cashed check and then swung by Jenna's (mi hermana) apartment to deliver some printing, stopped at Kroger for some more medicine and mints (he can't handle cough drops) for Brett and then headed home.

Brett was feeling better after a couple of hours of resting and we went to Barnes & Noble and found exactly what we were looking for. When we got home we ate simple dinners (burger for him, tuna helper for me) and watched Young Guns, which I had never seen. Who knew Lou Diamond Phillips was such a hottie in the 80's? Probably everyone. But it was news to me. Westerns are one of my least favorite genre's of film because the violence is so overwhelming and usually extremely brutal. But it was not a bad flick and I am glad I can say that I have seen it. I couldn't stop laughing when Dermot Mulroney thought he was seeing a giant chicken. I have to say though, even when he is playing a good guy, it's impossible for me to not be scared of a young Kiefer Sutherland. Sorry dude. Lost Boys used to keep me up at night! And not in a good way... in a cowering in my bed way.

Saturday was restful... sort of. We didn't leave the apartment, which was nice, but I spent ALL day editing wedding pictures. I mean, ALL DAY! I edited them and then loaded them to the Walgreens website to get them printed and placed the order, and it took ALL DAY! I started before lunch and ended after dinner. I wanted to go to work, but that didn't happen. Brett played and slept and rested and was definitely better... but still ill. When we sat down to eat dinner we started to watch a movie that I recorded for us a few weeks ago, and thirty minutes into it, he stormed out of the room and went to bed. He was finally fed up with not feeling well. Either that, or he didn't want to tell me that he didn't want to watch Run, Fat Boy, Run. The movie was good though. I enjoyed it. Cute story, cute cast, insanely cute little boy. It was nice.

After all of the resting he did Saturday though, he was genuinely better this morning. Not 100%, but probably up to 90%. No fever, not really any coughing except occasionally coughing up draining, and only one sneezing fit. He didn't take any cold medicine today, only headache medicine, and he seems to be okay. Hopefully after a good nights sleep tonight, he will be well rested and ready to start his first full week as Training and Development Supervisor. =-)

We went to Plymouth Park today. Brett wanted to visit our old Sunday school class because they have been a part of praying for Brett's "job situation"s for so many years. He wanted to thank them and share his story about the new job. It's a holiday weekend, so there were only a couple of people in class, but it's always good to see our friends.

I didn't want to go to Plymouth Park today. I didn't want to admit that to myself, so I was completely out of sorts all morning, but when I said those words inside my head, while the choir was singing at the beginning of the service, I immediately felt better. Two months ago, the thought of not being at Plymouth Park was extremely difficult. Today, the thought of BEING there was uncomfortable. I didn't realize how much I value the anonymity that comes with visiting a church. I have been a member of Plymouth Park for almost 29 years. Every corner I turn within those walls seems to hold expectations for me. Every step that I take, someone says hello. In some ways, that is a blessing and in others, it is a burden. Brett and I are at the beginning of this insanely wonderful, terrifying journey. We got married. I am learning to live my life in a completely new way. I crave the freedom to feel pressure to please no one but my husband. To make mistakes without being under a microscope. I especially need that freedom when I am in a house of worship. It has nothing to do with Plymouth Park, and everything to do with me. Right or wrong, that is how I am feeling. As soon as I could be honest with myself today, I was honest with Brett and he understood.

All of that is not to say that we will never visit Plymouth Park again, because I'm sure that we will. But coming to those realizations today was confusing and freeing at the same time.

I was still out of sorts when we left church, but at least I knew why! I needed a few hours to myself to decompress, so I kissed my husband sweetly and went to see a movie. On the way to the movie, I stopped at Walgreens and picked up our pictures. I am saddened (and somewhat frustrated) to say that around 30 did not get printed. I am hoping that I had another package and the girl there didn't notice it. Either way, I will get those pictures tomorrow. I went them all in a book so I can put the book safely on a shelf and be done with it! (Until I find the time and money to make an awesome wedding scrapbook, which I totally will... someday.)

I saw My Sisters Keeper and it was great. Anyone who has seen the commercial knows it's a tear jerker. It was almost comical... there was a moment when the one man in the theater laughed out loud because he couldn't stop crying and all around the room people laughed the same confession. It is a moving story and a vivid picture of a disease that touches thousands of lives everyday. I'm glad that I saw it, and I enjoyed the performance of every actor in the movie. Joan Cusack, you rock my socks.

After the movie Brett and I went to dinner at my parents house. My whole family (minus Jenna's Chris and Madi, who is in Oklahoma) was there and it was great to laugh for an hour. Then we hit the grocery store and came home. I'm ready for bed, and ready or not... a new week is starting tomorrow.

Thank you, God, for new beginnings. For tearful afternoons, tight hugs, sweet kisses and sweet dreams.

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Marie said...

What a full weekend! Thanks for opening your heart on this one.