Monday, July 13, 2009

Mellow Weekend, Big Week!

This weekend felt busy and mellow at the same time. We got a lot done, but spent a good amount of time at home as well.

Friday night we went to Macaroni Grill, which I am happy to report has some healthier menu options! I had Pollo Caprese for 550 calories (not bad for Italian) and it was delicious! We also hit our favorite Borders Bookstore where I purchased the final HP on paperback, completing my collection, and Brett got a JLA book. When we got home, Brett broke in his new Fight Night boxing game that he bought to play with a co-worker online. I wasn't crazy about it. The game LOOKS great. Great graphics, good music, good dialogue from the announcers. But it's a fighting game. Not fantasy style with long swords and crazy outfits, but a more realistic fighting game, that is just not my thing. I will probably try to have something available to read when he plays that one!

Saturday we slept in, and it was greatness! I came to work at noon and stayed til 3, then went on what turned into a 3 hour search for a pair of cheap jeans and a couple of shirts. I really like everything that I got (a pair of jeans from Old Navy, 2 shirts and one tank top from The Avenue and 2 pairs of shoes from Cato) but it was WAY too hot to shop, and by the time I got home all I wanted to do was collapse!

We took it easy Saturday night. I had my favorite Lean Cuisine Pizza, which they have reworked and unfortunately I like MUCH less... and Brett had some thin crust Pizza Inn while we watched Iron Man. What a good movie! I really like it!

Yesterday felt long. We went to First Baptist and then to lunch with Brett's mom. We ran one quick errand after lunch and didn't get home until 3:00! Brett took a nap while I watched the end of Home Alone on TV and then did my workout (day 4!) and some laundry. We ended the day with grabbing a few things at Kroger, stopping by McDonald's for dinner and more laundry. I watched Brett play some Star Wars, Force Unleashed which I LOVE! I call it my favorite Star Wars movie. What a great game! And then I was zonked!

Last week was interesting with Brett's job change. I'm sure this week will be as well. I hope that we are productive and we appreciate God's blessings =-) We have a date night planned for Wednesday because we are going to see the new Harry Potter movie. Woohoo! How can it be a bad week with that on the calendar? I'm excited =-)

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Marie said...

sounds like things are going well... and i couldn't agree more about HP.. I am more excited than a woman my age should be!