Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Love My Husband

Have I mentioned that? I do. I totally love my husband.

It is Saturday night. I am posting a quick blog (because I need to gush a bit) and he is playing Street Fighter. We're not always exciting, but still, life is good.

Last night we wanted to have a date night, but we also needed to keep things cheap and easy. So we ended up rearranging some plans to kind of give today some date elements and keep yesterday a little safer.

We have decided to start weighing in on Saturday mornings at Weight Watchers and attending the meeting on Sunday. We love the Sunday afternoon meeting. We prefer it to the Saturday meeting by a long shot! It just is a better fit for us. But the problem with weighing in on a Sunday is having to be super careful about everything you eat on Friday night and Saturday. Not that we aren't careful all week (well... we INTEND to be) but Brett and I like to use our flex points having a tasty, less healthy meal at a restaurant of our choosing. The easiest time to do that is on the weekend! So for the past few weeks, the Sunday weigh in has added an element of stress to the rest of our weekend that was starting to get old.

Thursday night it occurred to me that as long as you weigh in once a week at WW, you can attend as many meetings as you would like to. SO, our new plan, which we put into action today, is to weigh on in Saturday mornings and attend the Sunday meeting. I think it will be a good change for us. I hope!

So, back to my point. Last night we ran a couple of errands, found a strategy guide and Wii remote converter that Brett wanted, and then came home for an easy dinner.

Today, we slept til 9:40, got up and threw on clothes and then went to weigh in. After that we came home to shower and clean up, then we went to one of our favorite places for lunch - Pappasitos! It was delicious as always!

Then we went to a Bank of America and added me to his bank account so that we can have direct deposit into ONE account (hopefully that will make finances a little more manageable). Then I dropped Brett off at home to go get my car inspected. Then we went for an ice cream treat (goodbye flex points... we enjoyed you VERY much!). Then we ran one more errand before coming home to watch a movie.

I like to watch movies. Brett... sometimes likes to watch movies. He has plenty of tv shows that he enjoys, but movie watching is only a sometime enjoyment for him. Well, I wanted to watch a movie. There are several movies on pay per view that I want to see. I offered up a few choices to Brett, but he said he really didn't care so to pick whatever I wanted. I felt like a lighter movie so I chose... He's Just Not That Into You.

That's right. My husband loves me enough to let me watch a chick flick now and then. Sometimes he enjoys them. Tonight was just okay for him I think, but I enjoyed it very much. What a cast! Some of my long time favorites (I heart Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Anniston is definitely on my list!) and Gennifer Goodwin, who I LOVED in Mona Lisa Smiles and whose career I am very interested in following. Also, I had never noticed that Justin Long looks like Keanu Reeves.

Anyway. My husband loves me, and I am so thankful that we are newlyweds and we are happy and we are dealing with life one day at a time.

Thank you Lord for ALL of the people in my life who I love and whose love you have blessed me with.

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