Thursday, June 4, 2009

Giving Thanks

It's been a pretty good week. Brett and I are in a very sweet place right now. Life is a little crazy, but we find such peace in each others arms. So we are sweet when we are together and sweet when are looking forward to seeing one another. It's nice.

I'm so excited that Melanie's wedding is almost here! It was decided yesterday that Brett and Chris will be ushers, so now the whole family is in the wedding!

Next weekend my family is all coming over for Father's Day. I'm excited that we will all be together and I am excited that pork chops are on sale at Kroger this week! That's what I was planning to make!

And speaking of sales at Kroger, cherries are on sale for $1.99 a pound!!! I've been gazing longingly at the cherries for weeks now! I couldn't afford them at $5 a pound, but I can't wait to grab a bag tomorrow!

God has been preparing my heart lately... a lot of verses have been speaking to me, and as lives of others around me change, and sadly in some cases, even come to an end (my heart is both sad over the loss of Betty and Cliff, and happy that they are in paradise), I am examining choices and situations closely and thinking about changes.

I am thankful that tomorrow is Friday. I am thankful that I get to have dinner with  my husband tonight and hopefully go on a little walk.

God is good. I am most of all thankful that He is a God that does not cling to His anger, but instead delights in the long suffering of His love. (Micah 17)

Even though I am missing a lot of friends right now, I am warmed just by thinking of them. I hope I see Jeff this summer. Maybe we will be able to go visit!

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