Saturday, May 16, 2009

You've Got Mail

Everyone has a list of movies that they consider special. Sometimes because of the undeniable greatness the film contains - Lord of The Rings, The Sound of Music, White Christmas - and sometimes because they possess a certain sentimental value. Movies that I am attached to for sentimental reasons have the power to transport me. I love to watch Empire Records, because when I do, I remember so clearly the nights that I stayed up watching it in Jenn and Jage's dorm room. The laughter, the swooning and the impromptu dancing that always surrounded that film. I love to watch Little Miss Sunshine, not only because it is greatness, but because it reminds me so clearly of the day that I saw it, which happens to be one of the greatest days of my adult life. White Christmas stands in both categories. It is undoubtedly an American holiday classic, but it also reminds me of two of my best friends, Jennifer and Jeff, because we used to get together to watch it every Christmas. 

There are certain movies that I think about when I am missing certain people. I've been missing my friend Jamie a lot lately. She was my roommate for a while in college. We are nowhere near as close now as I wish that we were, but I loved her very much and I love her still. When we do speak, I always feel comforted. I can't think of Jamie without thinking about You've Got Mail. In college, it was her favorite movie. She used to drive us all crazy watching it multiple times every day. I couldn't stand the movie for a while, for that very reason. But now it is a movie that I like very much. I've been hoping for a while now that it would come on tv so I could watch it and feel close to Jamie for a little while. Actually, I've been hoping that it would pop up on the five dollar wrack at Target. But it hasn't. But tonight, when I really needed something to cheer me up, it was on. It was halfway through when I saw that it was on, but it was playing as a double feature, so I hit record and it is recording right now as I type.

I have more to say, but Brett just woke up from a nap. I'm going to try to hang out with him before it's time for us both to go to bed!

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