Friday, May 8, 2009


We got Rent tickets! I'm so excited! My husband is so amazing and he is spoiling me for my birthday. It was close to $200 for two orchestra seats and the fees. But I am so thankful and I know it will be an experience we always remember.

The first time that I saw Rent was with my then BF, Jeff T, for his 18th birthday. My husband is taking me to the farewell tour for my 28th birthday. Wow. Ten years. But this time I get to see it with the ORIGINAL leads! It will sound just like the soundtrack that I've been listening to for 10 years. And I think the people attending the farewell tour are probably existing fans. I think it's going to be a really neat experience =-) And then we are going to my favorite restaurant for dinner. AND I get to see my whole family on Sunday and celebrate one of my favorite people in the world... my mom! What a weekend!

hehe... I'm tired already. But super excited!

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Marie said...

Yeah! That is awesome. Happy early birthday! Or late.. I really don't even know that real date. :) Love you! M