Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Brett and I enjoyed our three day weekend very much!

My weekend started early Friday afternoon when I left work around 2:00. I was thankful that we were slow enough that I could go run a few errands without feeling guilty. I went to Ross and bought a few long anticipated apartment decorations. And when I say a few, I mean 4. And 2 of them aren't really decoration. But 2 definitely are! I bought a mirror for the living room for $27 and a mirror for the bedroom for $30! I really like them both! I hung the one in the living room right away, but the one for the bedroom is heavy and I want to make sure it is safe when I put it up. I also bought a cute soap dispenser for our guest bathroom for $2.50 and a box for our wedding mementos for $5. They were all good finds. We need about a dozen picture frames, but I will have to be patient and buy things slowly.

Friday night Brett and I had one of the best meals we have ever had at Johnny Carino's. It is our favorite neighborhood restaurant and it is good EVERY TIME! Brett was scheduled to game with some friends at 10:00. It didn't go very smoothly, but while he was trying to get the program to run on his computer I snuck one of his games that I have been enjoying watching him play into the XBOX 360 and played it all by myself! When he walked through to get a drink, he almost passed out! It was great! I played it a few times over the weekend and I am enjoying learning how to play!

Saturday started with us sleeping in. And then we basically lounged all day. We went to the grocery store and went hunting for a cheap game. Brett found a set of wireless microphones for a great price and I found a $5 movie. Both good finds!

Sunday we visited a church, rested in the afternoon, and then went to dinner with his mom. She misses us. We aren't seeing either of our families often enough, but we are doing our best.

Monday the plan was for us to break in the charcoal grill, but when the time came, we decided to take it easy and stick with the electric. Rewind... the day started with Brett making me breakfast in bed. He made Captain Crunch french toast. We saw it on an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and he thought I would like it so he made it for me! Then we rested and did some cleaning and decorating. Then we had a late lunch of yummy fajitas, courtesy of Brett and our electric grill. I had trouble falling asleep when we finally went to bed. Actually, it was totally backwards. Brett went to bed before 11:00, which is almost unheard of. I came to bed around 11:30 and didn't fall asleep until after 4:00 a.m. And then I had the saddest dream! I dreamed that I ran into a high school friend and his father had just passed away. He was so sad and his pain weighed so heavily on me. It took me awhile to shake it off when I woke up.

But overall, it was an easy, relaxing weekend. We were incredibly thankful for the day off, and thankful now that the week is close to half over!

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