Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I've Always Liked Children...

I ooh and aah over baby clothes in stores. I notice children everywhere that we go. But I'm not one of those girls that is itching to have a baby.

At least I wasn't.

My boss's daughter just left. She came up here today with her 3 kids today to have lunch with her mom. She has the most beautiful family. Peyton is 3, Luke just turned 2 and Reece is 6 months old.

I want some.

I have been intimidated by the thought of having children for a few years now. As soon as marriage seemed close, children seemed scary. I mean, hello! It's a big deal! Having SO MUCH responsibility for lives that are SO vulnerable. What if I do a bad job?

But today, when the kids were here, it ached a little to watch them. I didn't want them to leave.

I know that I am ABUNDANTLY blessed to have Brett in my life. He is a wonderful husband, and our love is humbling. But I can't help but hope that someday God will bless us with children. Little red haired, blue eyed children.

I want to be a stay at home mom, and we are nowhere near ready to be a one income family, so it will be a while. But I'm not going to deny that it is what I want. Someday.

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