Friday, May 1, 2009

Finally Friday

I don't know why this week has felt so long, but I feel like I haven't had a day of rest in 10 days! I hope that we sleep in tomorrow. Rain would help I think. Keep it nice and dark!

We don't have major plans this weekend... we are hoping to put the apartment together a little more. I need to bring some more things over from my parents house to make room for the things they need to put in that room. At this moment, I can't imagine caring boxes or bags... not without a shot of elephant steroids or something. I'm so tired! We have tried to give ourselves a curfew during the week because we wake up so tired when we stay up late, but when one of us isn't tired by bedtime, it keeps us both up later than we should be.

I had a great night last night =-) My sister, Melanie, is getting married on August 1. My other two sisters and I are three of her bridesmaids, and it is time to order our dresses! So last night I met Laura and Jenna, my mom and Madi at the Panchos in Euless where we had a DELICIOUS meal! I had one flauta too many. (I have used a few flex points a few nights this week so I don't know if I will have a loss this weekend... I hope I do though!) Then we went to the Alfred Angelos in Hurst and tried on dresses! Jenna and I picked ours, but Laura is trying to decide between 2. It was so good to see my family! I have to admit though, I missed Brett all night. It would have been easier if I had seen him after work and then went to meet my family. But I didn't see him until I got home at 9:00, and I really missed him. He had a rough day and I wanted to be with him.

But still, it was a good night =-)

Here is the dress I picked. It will be champagne and I will be wearing a black jacket with it.

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