Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Small Celebration

So since we had been married a month yesterday, I thought I should do something special. Brett and I always celebrated "monthiversaries" when we were dating. It was just an excuse to do something nice for each other. We had already had our meal planned, but I decided it might up the nice factor if we ate outside on our patio. We haven't used our new table yet. So I went on my lunch break and got Brett's favorite drink, Orange Crush in glass bottles, so that I could put it in the fridge and it would be chilled by dinner. Well he came home for lunch yesterday, so there goes the surprise. Ha! But it was still nice to eat outside. And he appreciated the crush.

I set up our table with two of the chairs from our dining room. I bought $5 flowers at Wal-mart for a centerpiece and a sweet card. Dinner was nothing fancy, but it was a beautiful evening. We have a lovely view of the creek from our apartment, and we like to watch the ducks. We call them "Clancy". It's probably multiple ducks that we see, but whenever we see one alone, we assume it's Clancy. Our little friend.

After that, I had a little computer work to do and he had a play date with Gary. It was a fun night =-) He didn't sleep very well, but maybe that will make him tired enough to sleep through the night tonight. I hope so!

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