Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Done and Done

I changed my name today =-)

It was easy! I went to the DMV first and the woman there was so nice! She made sure that I understood that I didn't have to change my name and told me how to switch it back if I changed my mind. And then she complemented my hair in my new and old DL picture. Isn't that funny? But she was so nice!

And then I drove to the Social Security office in Grand Prairie. It took me a minute or two to find it, but when I got there, it was so easy! I checked in on a little screen and then filled out a form, and then I only waited about 2 minutes! The woman who I first sat down with had to send me to someone else because we had the same name, and she's not allowed to make changes on someone's SS info when they have her name. Also funny.

I'm so glad that's done. I'm SO married now!

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