Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rough Night

Yesterday was just not a good day. Nothing catastrophic, but I woke up this morning feeling a little beat up and like I needed to stay in bed and recover. No such luck, of course. But I hope that tonight will be better.

I'm so tired. Brett's just not a good sleeper. I feel so bad. I wish that there were something I could do to help him, but I get tired WAY before he does, so how much help can I be? Even before our sleepless bedtime though, there were a few rough spots to our evening. I think I am just ultra sensitive right now. I always am this time of month. Sigh. The joys of womanhood.

I think that unnecessary criticism can hurt relationships, especial familial ones, faster than almost anything. It's totally okay to disagree and to voice disapproval if there is something to be gained from voicing your thoughts... but even when there is something to be gained, there is a right way to say things. I'm sorry that I am occasionally delicate and need gentle words, but that's just how it is. I don't break easily, but if you don't want to see me bruise, then handle with care!

I'm exhausted today. Brett just couldn't sleep. Hopefully we will BOTH be tired enough to sleep deeply and peacefully tonight. And hopefully before that time comes, we will be extra sweet to each other.

Also, I hope that the afternoon passes quickly and the meeting taking place in the lunch room is almost over because I am ready to heat up my WW 3 cheese ziti.

That is all.


Kriss said...

I have suffered from bad insomnia in the past. I got this stuff from Vitamin Shoppe called Sleep and Restore. It was my miracle! It works in like two weeks! Whenever insomnia creeps back I start taking it again and once it again it does the trick. It's designed to restore your natural sleep pattern. I have also started making sure I turn of the tv and computer at least an hour before going to bed. I have read some great articles on helping your brain shut down and that was a suggestion as computer/tv is a stimulator to the brain. I am sure it will get better! Did you get the bigger bed? That will help too!

Kim said...

We didn't get the bigger bed, but you're right! I think it will help. Hopefully this summer...

Marie said...

Hmmm, so sorry for that. Having a hubby who doesn't sleep well either, I've got some tricks that I could share from years of dealing with it. Gimme a holler and we can chat!