Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh Dear

Kim is a crazy Kim! Just when I am getting into a normal rhythm, I decide to pick up a few new balls and check on my juggling skills again.

I just emailed 4 new clients to let them know I am ready to get started on their logos. FOUR! And I am already in the middle of one. I am just asking for trouble! These people have all been so patient waiting for me to get through with the wedding... I don't want to keep them waiting so long that it puts them in a bad position.

BUT... the logo that I am in the middle of... she is taking her time. We have actually been emailing for over a month. I sent her proofs last Monday and she is still gathering her thoughts to get back to me. And one of the ladies that I emailed tonight told me that she has three kids and moves at a snail's pace, so I think that I will have some flexibility with those two. After these 5 I have one more waiting. Hopefully I can get two of these done this week and start on number 6 next week. The one I finished last week was the biggie. Now that I am done with that client, I should be able to focus better on these.

If God is testing me, I pray that I don't fail! Lord, help me to balance ALL of the blessings that you give me. Help me not to neglect one while I focus on another. I love you Lord, and I do it all for your glory. May you be honored in my work.

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