Saturday, March 28, 2009


I'll begin with the day before... SO MUCH FUN! (I took off from work Thursday and Friday. Thursday was stressful, I was up until 4:00 in the morning! But Friday was great.) Friday morning my sisters and I met at Massage Envy in Irving. If anyone ever needed a massage, it was me! It was the most relaxing 50 minutes I have ever experienced. I should have chosen a deep tissue massage, I am still covered in knots, but still, it was a good hour. Then we ran to Kroger to get a few things for the reception. I got it all for much cheaper than I expected, so that was great! And because my sisters were helping me, it didn't take as long as I had anticipated. Then we met my mother for lunch at Chipotle. The weather was nice enough for us to sit outside and it was a really fun, really tasty lunch. It was sweet and simple, but I will always remember it. After that my mom and I took one last trip to Sam's and then I ran a few errands on my own while my sisters and mom all went off to do other wedding tasks. When I got home, Laura and I made the centerpieces for the ceremony.

To be honest, I don't remember what happened the rest of the afternoon. I was busy! I can tell you that much!

We met at the park for the rehearsal at 6:30. Poor Carl... we had a huge wedding party and it was a lot of people to get organized! We had a very thorough conversation with Carl on Wednesday night to go over the order of the ceremony and how we wanted everything so that he would be prepared on Friday night, but the park is hard to describe. It's a big circle with a pole in the middle and a brick wall going around parts of it... see what I mean? I don't think I described it well. So it took a little while to get everyone situated. But he did a great job, and everything went well!

Then we went to Angelo's for the rehearsal dinner. I am THRILLED that we chose to have it there. The staff was AMAZING! The food was delicious as always, and the room was so comfortable. That's the key word. We were low-key, no speeches, we just walked around and handed out gifts after everyone had ordered. It was fun and stress free. Thank you Angelo's! If you live in Irving or anywhere near it, please go pay them a visit! 

After that, my sisters and I headed to Embassy Suites. We wanted to spend the night together and we wanted to all be together all day on Saturday. None of us lives in a place that would accommodate that wish, so they rented a hotel room! It was perfect!

And then... it was my wedding day. God is so good. The weather was perfect. It is probably the only Saturday in a string of ten weekends with perfect weather, but it was beautiful. Now that I am finally trying to write about it, I don't know what to say. The park was everything that I wanted it to be. The chairs fit perfectly, the girls who decorated did a GREAT job, the music was PERFECT (we almost didn't have music at all. LOOONG story. All I can say is Jenina and Chad saved the day. I have WAY better friends than I deserve.) Everything was beautiful. EveryONE was beautiful. I was surrounded by 150 people who love me completely and I walked across the bridge, on the arm of my father, to marry the man who loves me perfectly. The wind was gently blowing and the birds were softly chirping. I tried really hard not to cry. It didn't work, but I tried. Brett looked UNBELIEVABLY gorgeous! I mean wow... I'm surprised I could walk at all.

I feel like I should have more to say, but my words are so inadequate. It was perfect. Just perfect =-)

And the reception was GREAT! The ballroom at the senior center was just gorgeous! We had a TON of people help us set it up and I am SO thankful! I thought that it would look empty. Even with twenty tables, the room is just so big... but it was perfect! The lights were dim and we had lamps spread out around the room that gently glowed... it was a great effect! The cupcake table looked awesome, everyone seemed to enjoy the taco bar, and Rock Band was center stage without dominating every moment. We had an issue or two with Rock Band though. Brett was really disappointed =-( Some of it was human error and some of it was just Microsoft slacking off. But it was still really fun!

The reception wrapped up earlier than we expected, which was great! Neither of us had eaten since breakfast so after the reception, we grabbed a quick dinner. It was nice to sit! I could barely breath in my dress, much less sit! So we went to dinner to let our feet and blood sugar recover. And then we came home =-) I am so glad that we spent our wedding night in our new home. That is all that I will say =-)

The wedding is over. We survived. I am abundantly blessed, and immeasurably thankful. I love my Brett! And now he is really mine =-)

Our AWESOME photographer sent us a few pictures the day after... and Jennifer's husband took pictures too! She posted a few and promised to send me the rest soon =-)

Here are the pics we have so far:

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