Thursday, March 19, 2009

Last Single Wednesday

I know what you're thinking. What happened to Monday and Tuesday? Don't ask me! They were sort of a blur. Very full. I honestly can't give much of an update. My days are totally running together.

But today was pretty great =-)

First of all, I am FINALLY done worrying about work. I did my best to get as much done as I could before I took seven days off to get married and go on a honeymoon. I can't worry about it now because I'm not going back until March 30! I hope that I was helpful before I left, and I hope that no one damages my computer while I'm gone!

I had a wonderful surprise before I left work today! They had a bridal luncheon for me! Florine (the original owners wife and mother of all of the current owners) made the Jayroe specialty, Mexican chicken, and Suzi (one of the Jayroe girls) made her specialty, chocolate cake, and they gave me amazing presents! The whole office chipped in and sent Vicky shopping to get whatever she found, and she found lots! Our pots and pans - finally, non stick that aren't old and sticky!!!, our red Kitchen Aid utensil set, our Rubbermaid storage containers, and some SUPER cute embroidered kitchen towels! One says "Kim's Kitchen", one says "Brett's Grill" and one says "Bacon - Established 2009". How cool is that?!? It was really special. I wish that I could send them a huge cookie bouquet, or something equally yummy, while I am gone to say thank you. But I'm still not 100% sure that we can afford the honeymoon. Ha! So I will find another way to thank them.

Brett and I went to the Senior Center to see the projection system. He was disappointed in the speaker situation (there are none) but after a few hours of fretting over it, he came up with a solution that should work just fine. 

We had an AWESOME talk with Carl, our officiant. He is a pro! The rehearsal is going to run just fine and the wedding will be beautiful. It looks like God is going to bless us with gorgeous weather, and that was the main thing that I was worried about.

I have plans to get LOTS done tomorrow! I am putting together the favors for the reception, getting the music cd ready, taking the park decorations to the girls who are decorating, meeting with Josh, my lifesaver who is going to be in charge of food, updating some paperwork for the park and doing lots of laundry so I can pack tomorrow night. I need a bag for Friday night, Saturday night and the honeymoon. I'm exhausted, but I have a few things to do tonight so that tomorrow will go a little more smoothly.

Friday, my day is starting with a MUCH NEEDED massage. My sisters and I are all going. My back is KILLING me, so I am eager for that!

Oh, and one more amazing thing that happened today! Jeff Moss is the GREATEST! As a wedding gift, he had our seats upgraded to first class on the trip to San Diego. Neither Brett nor I have ever flown first class and we are SO excited!!! It will be the perfect start to five wonderful days of relaxing and celebrating!

Okay, I'm eager for bed so I am going to do a few things so I can SLEEP!

I apologize for all of the capital letters in this post. I CAN'T HELP IT!!!


Kelly said...

Wow!! That's pretty much all I can say about everything you posted! Love you, Kim.

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