Thursday, March 5, 2009

Literally, Can't Talk

My head is WAAAAY too full today! I can't focus on work because I have a dozen things inside my head vying for my attention. They HAVE to get done today. Our garage sale is this Saturday so I need to finish getting everything together for that. After work tomorrow is not enough time for me to get everything together, so I need to fill my car tonight. That should be doable.

I need to make a grocery list. It sounds trivial, I know, but I will have very little time tomorrow and even less attention span, so I need to have a list today so that I get through next week and keep slowly losing. Trust me, it's important!

I need to get some pictures printed at work today which means I need to go through my iPhoto and find the pictures I am looking for and then see what else I need to get scanned.

And I have a few emails that I need to send. I need to make sure that I have people lined up to get everything done on the day of the wedding that needs doing. My sisters are going to help me think about all of that tonight. They are coming over to figure out a hairstyle and makeup and jewelry for me. My shoes weren't ready yesterday after all, I won't get them until Monday. But other than the shoes, I should be able to put the whole outfit together tonight for the first time. I actually haven't tried on the dress since we brought it home with both sleeves. I hope I feel pretty when I put it on =-(

Okay, pray for me today if you think about it. I need to calm down and focus. On what, I'm not sure, but if I could pick one thing (or at least one thing at a time) that would be really helpful!

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