Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Successful Mission... I Think

I got several things done tonight. Nothing major, but probably 10 little things. And when I say little, some of them were VERY little. Like buying mousse. But listen, when I'm out of mousse, it's not a pretty site. So it was still a good thing to get done! I'm very thankful that Brett was flexible and let me take care of some things.

I THINK I bought shoes to wear under my dress. I had kind of decided that I would just wear the shoes that I have been wearing to the fitting. Originally I thought I would wear these to the fitting and find something the same height (practically flat). But I have been looking casually and not seen anything great, so I thought "no one will see my shoes anyway" and decided to wear my sweet little flats that I've been wearing. UNTIL, at the last fitting, I realized how much of the shoe peeks out under the dress when I walk. They are SO pretty, but they are a very pale pink. I'm afraid they will stand out too much. So tonight at Payless, I found some white shoes. They are really casual, but also very sweet. I think that because they are white, they won't stand out when I walk. But just in case, I am keeping the receipt. My dress is ivory, so if these shoes are just as noticeable as my others, I will take these back.

I feel guilty about buying shoes. I didn't buy one pair of shoes. I bought three. It's BOGO time. That was totally unnecessary. I really like all three of these shoes, and I know that I can use them, but I may take them back because I know I can make it without them. I will think about it for a few days. Sigh.

Okay, but back to tonight. Actually, the first thing that I did was run to Macy's. Turns out that I had registered for the wrong size salad plate. There are LOTS of sizes, and I wasn't careful enough selecting things when we registered online. My family bought us some dishes and they arrived yesterday and I was shocked by the little plates! But it was no problem to return them. I returned 4 small plates and was able to buy 3 larger plates for the same amount. So there you go. I feel good getting that done and having that corrected on our registry.

Then I stopped at Payless. We all know how that went.

Then I stopped at Michaels. We have a lot of little things left to buy and I have been rethinking my flowers. Since I ended up buying silk flowers for the bridesmaids, I have been wondering if I should make my bouquet with silk flowers so that it will be done. I was planning to make my own bouquet. Every time that I mention that to someone though, they express doubt at my abilities. Go figure. What I pieced together in the store tonight was pretty. Nothing special, but the color will look nice in the pictures and I guess that is all that matters. I'm a little sad, but I think it was the right thing. hehe... maybe I should hold onto that receipt also, just in case.

At Michaels, I also bought a guest book, a flower girl basket, flowers for her basket (they are paper flowers... super cute, and bio degradable!) and a couple of table decorations. So that is good! The ring bearer pillows were overpriced, so I decided to wait on that. Maybe I will just make one. Or think of an alternative.

Then I headed to the apartment, but on my way I got gas, stopped and Walgreens for mousse and a little cash for stamps, and then at the post office for said stamps.

And since getting home, I have updated the RSVP list, emailed the addresses for the rehearsal dinner to my MOH that is heading that up and fixed the Macy's registry.

Now I need to wrap Jenn's present and (STINK! I just realized I don't have a card for her yet... I only have $1. Hmm...) frame the pictures for her reception that I had printed. And then I think I can get to bed.

Goodness. I have a lot to do!

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