Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ho Hum

I feel like blogging. I can't seem to get started though. I have so many thoughts floating around in my head, none of them seem to make sense...

Today is the slowest day we have had in a while at work. We were slow for a little while around the holidays, like we always are, but the last several weeks have been plenty busy. Not crazy busy, but busy enough to keep me occupied all day. But now I am caught up and sitting here hoping that we will need to fold something later today.

The wedding is 24 days away. I think that my dress is done... I should have it this week. It still fits, but it is a little tighter than I would like it to be, so I decided to avoid carbs for 4 weeks. I haven't done that in years! Things are a little different. The bars that I used to buy are no where to be found, but the bars that I did find... holy cow! Seriously, one of them tastes just like an Almond Joy and the other tastes just like Snickers. It's crazy! And I am more educated about nutrition in general, so I feel like I am able to be "carb conscious" in a much more healthy way than I was years ago. Of course, all of it is a waste if the dress doesn't look right on March 21.

I'm so tired. I have been going to bed a little earlier this week. Monday night, it helped. I felt better during the day yesterday. I was still tired last night, but still, it was an improvement. Today, I guess I didn't make it to bed quite early enough last night. I'm really tired. And I look tired. I have shadows under my eyes that don't belong there. BUT, so far, this week has been more productive than last week. We got the rehearsal dinner figured out yesterday, so that's a huge relief! I just need to email Brett's mom and see if the total cost is a number that she is comfortable with, or if we need to split it with her. Either way, it will be fine, and I like the way things ended up.

Jenn, my college roommate and bridesmaid, is getting married this coming Saturday. I am excited for her, but my life will easier when her wedding is over. Not that I've been a huge help to her and I have tons left to do for her big day, but it has taken some time and energy that will be helpful to me once it is focused on MY wedding. She just told me what I need to wear to the wedding, and I need to make sure that the dress that I have that fits the criteria still fits me.

Most days, I leave work and head to the apartment (sometimes after running a quick errand) to clean up a little and make dinner for Brett. But because I'm losing the next few days to focus on Jenn, Brett said that it would be okay if I ran some errands after work and he will make dinner for me when he gets home. We're trading places =-) That is really nice of him... I know he will be tired after a day of work. I hope I get some things done tonight so it is worth it!

Okay, that's all I got I guess. I wish I were napping.

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