Thursday, January 8, 2009

Small Victories and Huge Blessings

What a day it's been! If I am this emotional before the birth control, I dread getting used to all those extra hormones! Sheesh! I just cried for the last 5 minutes of "How Do I Look" on the Style Network. But honestly, it was the best episode I have ever seen. She was SO sweet!

I feel so much better now. Brett had a wonderful afternoon at work and his spirits were more than lifted. Sometimes a little affirmation can go a LOOOONG way.

Today we had some small victories:
- Brett and I are both down on the scale this week
- We finally have enough boxes for the move
- I found a pair of boots that I have been looking for and thought I had missed the boat on

And some huge blessings:
- Brett had a great review and a great bonus! (that will get us MUCH closer to being able to book the honeymoon)
- We are finding affordable options for the rehearsal dinner

And best of all, tomorrow is Friday. It has been quite a week, but we are almost through it.

Tomorrow night my family, minus Dad, Jenna and Chris, will be celebrating Melanie's birthday at dinner. Then Brett and I will be listening to a funny movie while we pack his last two bookcases and the remaining action figures, along with our Mister Potato Head collection. Then Saturday morning we will be helping our amigos Kelly, Steven and Alexis move into their new apartment. And then sometime after lunch we will be taking our second shot at finding clothes for the groomsmen. On Sunday I am going to visit a seamstress that Melanie knows. Hopefully she will be able to do what I need on my wedding dress for less than the woman who I have an appointment scheduled with on the 19th. If I could cancel that appointment, I would be able to be home and get the cable set up at the new apartment.

That is my schedule this weekend. It would be really great if I could design our invitations, reply cards and thank you cards somewhere in there. I don't think that's impossible... I can at least get started, I think.

And Wednesday we start marriage counseling, finally! Then Saturday is the move! The ball is rolling! I hope we can hang on!

What's with all the exclamation points?

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Krista said...

wow! you are a busy woman! the wedding is gonna be here before you know it! :) I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!