Friday, September 5, 2008

My kind of Friday afternoon

It is 4:40 on Friday afternoon and the last hour or so have been nice and quiet at work. I like to end the week calmly. Especially when we have a busy weekend planned, which we usually do. Tomorrow we are taking Madi to Hannah's 6th birthday party, and we are meeting with some friends of ours tomorrow night who have a business proposition for me.

I have to say, I have been really excited by God's blessings lately. Of course, I'm thrilled about getting married. Even with all of the stress that comes along with planning and paying for a wedding, and all of the "oh my gosh, this is forever, am I really grown-up enough for this, what if I am a bad wife or bad mother" moments, I am humbled by the gift of Brett and filled with hope when I think of our future together.

AND, I am SO thankful for the people that God puts on our lives to guide and direct us. I have some amazing friends. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but God has been so wonderful in putting people in my close circle who are strong where I am weak and who encourage me when I feel like I don't have what it takes.

Jennifer is one of my BFFs! We were roommates a couple of years ago in the coolest apartment I have lived in to date. She is married now and is a kindergarten teacher and also does blog design. ( A little over a month ago she talked to me about partnering with her site to offer logo design. I had just finished putting together a flyer about scrapbooking and sending it out to people, because really... I like my job, but I would like to be able to do something creative and fun that is all my own. And I LOVE to scrapbook! In college, it was my love for scrapbooking that led me to declare a major in graphic design. I used to be bigtime into it, but I had to let the hobby go in college because I just couldn't afford it anymore.  But around Christmas time this year I really started to miss it, so since then I have been trying to think of a way to offer the service to other people. It would be a way for me to enjoy my hobby without spending tons of money, and even maybe make a little money on the side!

So when Jennifer mentioned the logo thing and I started frequenting her awesome blog, I thought that maybe I could put together a blog where I offer logo design AND scrapbooking! (And I threw in a card line to round it out, because honestly... every girly designer thinks about having a line of cards or stationery or something like that).

The last few weeks I have been gathering info and piecing together the different sections of my blog. As you know, with TONS of help from Jennifer, because she is supremely awesome, I was finally able to go public last week.

The logo design thing got off to a rocky start. (I mean really, I'm still just getting started, but already things are smoothing out). But a month or so ago, I did a logo design for a girl who loved her first set of proofs, but then made tons of changes and eventually had her sister do the logo design. Not because she didn't like what I did, but because her sister is studying graphics right now and wanted something for her portfolio. Well, my confidence is easily shaken and that made me feel bad, and actually, it made me feel stupid. Like I was kidding myself thinking I had anything to offer in that area. And then someone else emailed me about doing a logo design and asked me to send her some samples. Well I've done logo designs at work before but I didn't feel right using work related things for this little project of mine, so I sat down one night and created some logos and sent them to her as samples... and then I never heard back from her.

haha... great! So I'm feeling like a double failure, right?

Well a few days after that another woman emailed me about a logo design, and that was a great experience. We went back and forth for a couple of weeks and she ended up with a logo that she really likes.

Today someone else emailed me about doing a logo for her and I am really excited!

I am also designing all of the media for our church Christmas pageant, which is WONDERFUL because I really miss being in choir! I stopped going because I didn't feel like I had the time and energy it took to be a good choir member, and even though I miss it, that hasn't changed. God will take me back to a choir when he wants to use me in that way, but right now, he has other things planned for me. But doing the posters and tickets and programs makes me feel involved, so I am so thankful for that opportunity!

And the business opportunity that I mentioned at the top of this blog (that I realize is becoming too long... I'm trying to wrap it up!) is super exciting! It is a married couple at our church who does slide shows for weddings and graduations and other special occasions and they have been looking for someone to partner with them and offer scrapbooks along with their slide shows. HELLO! That would be WONDERFUL!

So I am really excited for all of the opportunities God is bringing me right now. This is such a season of change and growth in my life. I am clinging to His grace and mercy and praying that I will serve Him faithfully and not get caught up with the "me" and "my"s of everyday life.

Okay, it's time to go! Have a great weekend!

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