Monday, August 25, 2008

I should do Kleenex commercials!

Okay so, a little fact about Kim... when I am really tired I am super emotional. I had trouble falling asleep last night because my room was hot and I just couldn't get comfortable. And of course, I never sleep as much as I should on the weekends, so this morning, a Monday morning, I woke up a little grumpy because I was tired and thoroughly offended by alarm clock for insisting that I get out of bed. He's never on my side!

Well if I needed proof of how sleep deprived I am, I got it tonight! I am very quick to cry when I am sleepy and tonight, not only did I start to cry watching an episode of Clean House on the Style Network, of all things, I couldn't stop crying once I started! It was pathetic! I'm talking a solid hour of snotty, sobbing tears!

In my defense though, I started watching it at the worst possible moment. If you have never watched the show, it's your basic home makeover show except it targets people with especially messy or cluttered homes. Tonight, the family was living in a house that become cluttered after the father of the family was killed in a car accident. The mother suddenly found herself a single mother of 3 children, the oldest of which is overseas in Germany waiting to be shipped to Iraq. She slipped into a depression and three years later, when the show was filmed, she will still lingering in that state of mourning. When I turned it on she was standing in her walk-in closet with the host of the show who was making her finally take down her husband's clothes.

Not that anyone cares about this makeover show, but I'm just making a point... IT WAS REALLY SAD! This woman was torn apart, and watching her try to let go of her husband instantly moved me tears making me realize just how overdue I am for a good night's sleep.

So naturally, what am I doing at 11:40 p.m. when I should be asleep? Okay, I'm going now.

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