Saturday, November 16, 2013

Funky Finds Holiday Shopping Experience 2013

Well, I did it - I did my first real craft fair!!! It was so much fun! I just posted a long blog recap about it over at my Gypsy Rhetoric blog. It was a fun, exciting, educational, exhausting weekend. I'm pretty much recovered from it now. I still have some organizing and cleaning up to do in my craft room, but I have already spent a bit of the profits on some Christmas and birthday presents.

HUGE thank you to my mom and sisters for all of their help preparing for and working the event. And to everyone who came to see me - Haley, Paul, Sheryl, Jenina, Jamie, Jerry, Kalie, Danielle, Rebecca, Robin, Rachel, Rachel, Anna, Jan, Christy and Ana - thank you so much!!!

My original thought was that I would try to do two craft fairs a year and regularly post printables on my etsy site. I was waiting to get through this event to focus on etsy for a while. But.... yesterday someone told me about a craft fair coming up in a few weeks that is on a Saturday morning, from 8-2. It's only $30 to participate and it's at a high school. My alma mater, actually - Irving High School. It's only a few minutes from my house, and it sounds like the perfect, mostly easy way to earn a little more holiday shopping money, try to sell what I have left from last weekend and use up some supplies that I didn't get to in time for Funky Finds. It's three weeks from today. I'm pretty sure I'm going for it.

Here are a few pictures from the event. I had a blast!

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