Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ladies and Gentleman I Give You...

The girl on fire!!!

Yesterday my hair briefly caught on fire. (A little mishap with a weak match while lighting our afternoon candle at school. Oops!) The downer there - burned hair stinks! The plus side, it was my second Hunger Games reference of the day! Woohoo!

I realized this morning, while washing said slightly burned hair, that the worst thing about hiding from my computer because I don't want you to hear me whine about my struggles, is that I don't get to give props to things in my life that are bringing me smiles. So this is a long overdue statement, but I'm going to say it anyway: I heart The Hunger Games series.

Have you read it? Do you love it? Jenina, if you haven't read them, I hope this inspires you to do so! I should just learn the lesson... anything that all three of my sisters recommend to read is worth reading. They had been mentioning it for months, but it just didn't sound like the kind of book I would be into. When I hear the phrase "post apocalyptic", it immediately makes me think of several movies that frankly, all feel too similar. I feel like that story has been done. Which isn't really fair, because I have given VERY few of those stories (books and films included) a chance. Maybe they are all totally different. I wouldn't know. I just know that I am typically drawn to stories that feel new. I don't like to encounter the same story over and over. I guess I don't want to feel like the story I am reading or watching is one that I could have come up with myself. I spend enough time in my head.

Yesterday was Field Day at our school. I am in charge of posting photos to our Facebook page and in the description for the field day album I put "may the odds be ever in your favor ;-) Couldn't resist. And then my hair briefly caught on fire. Stinky, yes, but my hand shot up in the air as I announced "ladies and gentlemen, the girl on fire"!

It was a weird week at work. I got a few hours of overtime, so that's nice, but I am glad the week is over. I administered the standardized test to our fifth graders which meant that I came in an hour early and spent the first two or three hours of each day out of the office. I loved being out of the office, but it made my time in the office more difficult. I was rushed to get things done, and Michelle was grumpy because the office needs two people in it. Wednesday and Thursday she was on her own til 10ish.

Well. Enough of that. I just weighed in and I did not have a loss this week, but drum roll.... I didn't gain either. I maintained. That almost NEVER happens for me. I'm pretty happy with that result. I tracked this week, but I used pretty much all of my flex points too. Maybe even a few more than I had to use. And mostly on Thursday and Friday. So I am very thankful to not have a gain and I am PUMPED about going to the grocery store today. I have the house to myself for dinner tonight so I may experiment with some of my healthy goodies. In fact, I think I have just decided to make Hungry Girlfredo for dinner. I have never tried it before.

Well I am off to Bot-Con. Hopefully I will have enough life in me to give you a recap. It's sure to be interesting.

Hope you have a good weekend! And may the odds be ever in your favor!


Marie said...

Glad you liked the Hunger Games. Sorry your hair caught fire. Have fun at BotCom. Miss you. Wish you were here.

Krista said...

I love reading your blog! I feel like I get to see you more than I really do when I read your blog :) Miss you!!!