Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Month Already!!!

I can't believe it! As of Friday, we have been in the house a month. A month FLEW BY!!! We signed a fifteen month lease, and I can't believe we only have 14 left of what we have just experienced! I mean, we can always renew, I hope, but I just can't believe that 1/15 of our lease is already done!

I am loving the house =-) Have I mentioned that yet? I know I have barely blogged. The first week was full of unpacking. The second week was trying to finish the last bits of unpacking, and I got sick at the end of that week. The third week, I was sick. The fourth week was our anniversary and it flew by! We had a great anniversary =-) We bought a king size bed. It was delivered yesterday. I am ready to take some pictures to post now, but I want to wait until the sun is shining, so hopefully I will post them tomorrow. I LOVE our bed. It just came yesterday, so last night was our first night to sleep in the bed and it was SOOOO comfortable. I can't believe we have something so wonderful in our home. A king size bed is always our favorite part of traveling and now we can experience it every night. I just feel so blessed.

And now I feel like life is really going to get back to normal. In some ways I feel like our new life is going to finally begin. Last month was a pro-rated rent AND we didn't get a water or gas bill AND Brett got a bonus AND there was an extra week in the month so I had an extra paycheck. Talk about God's provisions. This month... I know that God will provide again. He is always faithful. But it is time to buckle down and really be purposeful with every dollar. Our monthly expenses increased with the move, not to mention gas prices are still climbing, so this month will be a whole new ball game. I feel ready. It is one of those seasons, once again, where Brett and I are incredibly in love. Of course, we always love each other, but you know what I mean... some days, or weeks, or months, the love is just so STRONG. Like oxygen. It's sewn into every moment of every day. Stronger than worry, or planning, or other social activities.

Okay, I am off to do a little crafting before bed, but I plan on getting back to blogging. So you'll be hearing from me soon!!!

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