Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ya Know What?

There is just nothing wrong with a good chick flick now and then. I just watched Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants. I heart this movie. Really. It makes me think of the girls who led me to this movie: Kyndall and Erin. I'm pretty sure it was those two. They were in the seventh grade and I was one of their Sunday school teachers. They graduated this weekend. I can't believe those girls are so grown up. Going to college even! I'm so proud of them! I hope that we keep in touch!

It also makes me think of all of my girls that I love. The ones who I know I can call, anytime, and they will be there for me. The ones who bring me sanity, usually along with some Starbucks, when I am completely losing my mind. I am so thankful for all of the wonderful friends I have in my life. I hate when too much time passes between our visits. It makes me feel WAY too grown up. When did I get too busy being a grown up to waste time with my girls? Ugh.

I make no secret of it – change is hard for me. I can't believe that after seven years, my time at this job is most likely coming to an end. I haven't been through a change like this in 11 years. I feel like I'm leaving for college again. I know that a wedding is probably a bigger change than a new job, but with the wedding, it was me and Brett together. Experiencing all of the same things, and always there to support each other. But this new job thing is just me. All alone, out here on a limb, hoping that I don't misstep and fall to my doom. Just like when I left for college. It was a huge leap of faith to leave behind my hometown, my family, and every person I knew (except for the one girl I knew going to my out of state college with me), and venture into a new world. It's nice to know that there is something new in front of me, and it's nice to know that I am leaving behind something that hasn't always been pleasant, but it's still scary.

I am thankful that my hubby let me watch my movie tonight. We shopped with his mom today. She bought me FOUR pairs of shoes at Payless! Hello BOGO! And a pair of sunglasses. They are all super cute, and they were SERIOUSLY needed! Even the sunglasses! I need mine to drive because my eyes are crazy sensitive to light, so I keep my sunglasses in the car. But the new car has such a tall ceiling... it doesn't block out the sun like my car does. And the front windows aren't tinted. So I got some super cute shades for $10 to keep in the new car, and I love them! Shopping was fun, but TIRING! So I really wanted to veg out and watch a movie tonight. Brett played on his computer so I could take control of the TV. =-)

I need to head to bed if I am going to get up and prep for the shower before church. I will leave you with pics of my new shoes! I think seeing a girl's shoes is like seeing parts of her life. Different shoes for different sides of who we are. Ya know? Source here.

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