Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 5.07.10

Same as last week. 239.6. I think that I would have been down, but we had Pancho's for dinner last night. If you're not from the area, you don't know what that is, and if you are from the area, you may be laughing at me. There are definitely two schools of thought when it comes to my beloved Pancho's Mexican Buffet. People either love it or hate. I'm a lover. BIG TIME! I was so sad when the one in my town closed, but it's probably a good thing. I would eat there WAY more if it were closer. As it is, it's only one town over, so for special occasions, it's totally acceptable to head that way. What's the occasion? It was the kickoff to my birthday weekend. And today is Friday so... it's HERE!

We are going to the drive-in tonight for a double feature of Iron Man 2 and The Losers. This drive-in is about an hour away, but it only costs $6 for a double feature! $6!!!! And you can't bring food in, but the concessions stand is about a quarter of the price of regular movie theaters and it's mostly meal items, like corny dogs and burgers, as opposed to mostly snack items like popcorn and candy. Of course, they've got it all =-) I plan on getting a corny dog, french fries, a drink and a small box of candy for my double feature. WOOHOO!!!

We will be up crazy late from the movies tonight so our first order of business tomorrow is to sleep in! After that, it's whatever I want to do until we have to be at a Sunday School party at 6:00. Our plans include going to Target to pick out my birthday present =-), eating lunch at The Cheesecake Factory (I'm really just excited about the dessert... who cares what else you eat when you're at TCF???), and that's all that we know for sure. We may visit a car dealership in Lewisville to sit in a few new cars. Not for birthday fun, but because we're only about a month away from having a down payment for a new car for Brett. It will be just in time! We don't want to think about his current car having to go through another inspection. But if we go to the dealership in Lewisville, we will also be stopping at Mardel so I can peruse their GIANT clearance section! It may not always be great books, but for a dollar??? I'll give 'em a try =-)

The Sunday School party kind of throws a kink in our plans, but we feel like we should go. We really would like to make some real friends out of the class that consists of "church friends" right now. So we will go tomorrow and I will do my best to have fun and not be uncomfortable among all of the super models. And you know what? It's my birthday weekend, and we don't have to stay any longer than I want to. So if I start to freak out, we'll go. So there.

Sunday is Mother's Day. We had plans to take Brett's mom to lunch, but after I slaved away for a few days making her a scrapbook of our wedding that she requested, she cancelled on us. I totally understand why... her sister decided to come to town. That's good news for her. But I hate that we're not going to see her, for two very selfish reasons. First because I made her a gift and second because I was hoping to receive a gift card from her for my birthday which I planned to spend on Monday, my actual birthday, on my day off. I know that is INSANELY selfish! But I love to shop... and I was hoping to get to do a bit of that on Monday. Bratastic, right?

Sunday night we are all taking my mom to dinner at a little Mexican place that she likes. That should be fun =-)

Monday I am off!!!!!!! The only thing I know for sure that I am doing is going to see The Joneses at The Angelika. I'm nervous to drive there... it's in the middle of some crazy highway action. If that movie ends up showing at Grapevine Mills, I will go there instead, but as of yesterday, GM didn't have movies for Monday posted yet. The rest of the day... who knows? But I'm determined to enjoy it.

So those are the plans! I will definitely have a mix of healthy eating and eat what I want this weekend. Someday, the "what I want" will include more healthy food. But that day might not come this weekend. It could! But I'm not really expecting it.

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

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