Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nice Night!

I don't want to talk about my day. It was blah. Food was fine though... not quite plentiful enough, but not bad. Tonight, however... much betta!

I came home super hungry and not sure what to do about dinner. I had a chicken dish on the calendar, but I was hungry right away! I didn't take enough food with me to work, and I was worried that I would overload on our planned dinner, which is a decent choice if you are careful with your portions. I was not confident in my ability to be careful tonight though! So I had a serving of Baked Cheetos before I even started to cook. It took the edge off and kept me from snacking while I cooked. Of course, when I finished the Cheetos, and Brett was no where near hungry and was considering leftovers later instead of chicken when I cooked it (we need to eat our leftovers... tomorrow is trash day and it will probably be time to say goodbye to them) I decided to go ahead and make the chicken tonight, but to portion it out for my lunches this week. That will give me some much needed protein mid-day. And I ate my leftover stir fry and a big salad for dinner! I felt good about my choice!

And thank goodness... I made another good choice. I went for a walk. Last week, my walks just weren't happening. I think I only got one in. It was a crazy week! But I want to keep walking. So all day I tried to send myself subliminal messages about walking being a good idea. It didn't really work. But I put on my walking clothes while I was cooking, and when I finished dinner I decided to head out the door.

We all know I love the park where I've been walking. It's beautiful and family friendly. But that is actually part of the problem... it is SOOOOO crowded! I just have a lot on my mind these days, and I don't want to be in the middle of a huge crowd during a time that has the possibility to be a mental break. So tonight, as I was driving to the park, dreading the crowd, I decided to give the outer loop a try. The park is in the middle of a huge ring of apartment. There is sidewalk the entire way around the apartment fronts, and I have seen walkers on that loop, so tonight it sounded like a better option.

AND WAS IT EVER!!! I loved it! I passed less than ten other walkers on the loop and they were all sans stroller and very courteous. It is a longer distance, but without the roadblocks, a.k.a. other people, I was able to keep a steady pace and work up a fairly decent sweat. It felt good. This is the best I have felt after a walk in weeks. AND... the outer loop is the perfect place to start teaching my body to jog. There are regular breaks in the sidewalk at the entrance of each apartment complex, so I could easily jog one section and then walk one section. Or two. I jogged a bit tonight, but not much. But it felt good =-) So just wanted to share that little discovery!

I also sent my resume and what turned out to be a pretty nicely worded email to a private school in my town. It's just a thought that has been growing in my mind for a few weeks. Not really ready to expand on that thought here yet, but I am happy that I sent the email, so I thought I would share.

My goal for tomorrow is to get some MUCH NEEDED fruit and veggies in my system. MUCH NEEDED!!!

Night all =-)


Jennifer said...

Doesn't it feel good when you can jog a little? I like that feeling...I'm really needing to work on pushing myself a little longer each time. Good for you...so proud of what you're doing!! Keep it up!!

Betty said...

Are morning walks/runs any possibility? I used to (many MANY years ago) get up at 5 a.m. and walk 3 miles at Lively Park trail and get to work at 8 (well...shortly thereafter :) You dont have to dread this all day, and it makes you feel like a million dollars. I still do a mile and a half on my treadmill.